Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Painting Evening.

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Painting Evening will take place next week Thursday from 6-9pm at the Mall Galleries. Its an opportunity to paint alongside members just for a tenner! Quite a good opportunity.

They have actually used me in their advert for this years event.

So if you are up for 3 hours of painting fun, I'll see you there....... by God's grace!

And if you love SOLID Oil paintings come and see this exhibition it is stunning, I was at the opening yesterday and it was a fantastic sight! So many new artists and members have got some real solid works there.


Anonymous said...

Alright! What an honor to be featured on the advert. It's a great shot of you. Is that a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the background?

adebanji said...

Thanks Silvina, Yep it was a honour! I don't know much about motorbikes but all I know is that the man sitting on built it himself from scratch ( MR DICKSON).

It was a really nice evening, I was runner up by the judges and I painted from the spot pictured and I never left with the painting because his wife bought it wet on the spot!

Ilaria said...

Banji, congratulations for your painting, it is also hanged in a very good spot !
All the best

adebanji said...

Thanks Ilaria! I was quite surprised at where they placed the painting too.

On a second note, When I did a Personal Review of the works that I love most in the exhibition -your still life was one of them. Do you know about Richard Schmid? You've used some techniques that he uses........ I was looking at your apple still life and I couldn't believe the simplicity with which you worked it out and made the white of the canvas part of the work. KEEP it up, your frame was brilliant too, do you do them yourself? Because they seem to have a nice way they work with the painting.

All the best!

Ilaria said...

Thanks ! I painted that still life a couple of years ago in Heatherley's, I think I moved on a little since then but I still like how that painting turned out.
I do know R. S., in fact a have his book and a few DVDs if you want to borrow just let me know.

The frame of the apples was made by a guy in Richmond, I got his number from Tony Rothon, he made all the frames for my show in Rome last year and is very good, with reasonable prices.
Thanks for linking !

adebanji said...

Great! That is interesting you have his Book and few dvds I wouldn't mind to borrow a dvd. I think I learn better "seeing" than "reading".

Secondly I'll also love to know the guy that does your frames. I think I'll be one of his customers soon!

Thanks for keeping in touch!