Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sketches on the bus, tube platform and train in December IV

More people........ more interesting experiences! One guy saw me sketching a guy in a hat/glasses and he said I should sketch him. I did! He simply said, "Not many people people can put a smile on my face, but you have put a smile on my face"

He gave me his e-mail address and I'll be sending it the copy to him!


Isla said...

The guy that asked you to sketch him is cute too. I often sketch on the train but try to do it so no one notices me!

adebanji said...

Thanks Isla, Sometimes I want to be noticed, sometimes I don't! It all depends on that inner feeling I have when I board the train.

Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

Good afternoon to you Adebanji –- and greetings from Plymouth.

There is some really beautiful work on your site – I used to sketch people on the train between Penzance and Truro years ago when I was on my way to work – can I find them now ? Err … no. More’s the pity.

So - why am I contacting you ?

Well –I hope as an artist you will appreciate the idea behind the following -

In a somewhat random act of artistic interaction I have come across your blog next to mine at this point in cyberspace and time. Have a look at my blog – I have placed a link on it for your site – for a month or so - under the heading "My Dog Ate Blogs" – take a look.

Once you have had a look - if you fancy being a permanent part of this blog just say yes and I will put a permanent link for you on my site blog-roll - “My Dog Has Eaten These Blogs and Says Yum Yum” – I have regular visitors from 45 countries (and counting) and regular followers – again from all over the world -from Argentina via the USA to Indonesia – so if you like the idea of lots more people from all corners of the globe paying you a visit – come and join !

In return all I would like is a link somewhere on your site.

Have a look and see what you think.

By the way - if you want to print out any of my images - feel free - some are quite nice ( I hope) – just tell your friends where you found them – and remember a lot of my work is for sale.

Hope you find my site interesting as well.

Best wishes from Plymouth UK !

(Steve Clement-Large : My Dog Ate Art )

adebanji said...

Thanks SCL!
Thats fine! We are all here to help each other! One good turn deserves another!
Done and dusted!
Keep in touch- we'll get there together!

Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

Adebanji -

many thanks for your help - I have moved you down onto the permanent blog-roll on my site - so there will always be a little thumb-nail sketch everytiem you make a new post - it's chronological so you right up the top at present.

Best wishes and thanks again

Look forward to seeing more


adebanji said...

Cheers! You are welcome!