Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I am doing.......Portrait commissions

Some of my regular readers may have been wondering what's up with Adebanji, no posts since Saturday?

Well, I will be posting soon and it would be on the current portrait commissions I am trying to finish. I am working from photos in sepia/ sanguine dust and coloured pencils. I have 4 to complete and it has been a warfare! Somehow I have found myself having to read and re-read all my drawing books to solve the problems I have encountered with this commission and I can't wait to share them with you all. Hope to be through by the weekend. One thing I must confess that has helped me thus far is just believing in myself again, because sometimes failure can bring a lack of confidence and that is the last thing you need when working on drawings.

I also had a great time with my blogging friend, Dominique, her visit has had a profound effect on my life all together. I will be posting shots on their visit to my studio, our tour around the Westend- London Eye and others. Even in the gloom and doom of the society today, some rich relationships and meet ups like the one I had with Dominique can really change ones views about life!

Good news! My sister had a baby girl on Monday!!! She had been married since 2001 and they have had so many miscarriages and one still birth a day after my birthday last year but God had been faithful he provided them with a beautiful angel! I'll be posting on that too.

But for now I am taking a break at the Internet cafe after which I will return to my studio to fight on with my coloured pencils!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings..........


Unknown said...

so many things happening in your life and thank goodness it's all good. The worst part is struggling with commi$$ion$. You're such a wonderful host to show Dominique and her daughter around especially with your busy schedule. Congrats on becoming an uncle!! don't worry about us, do what you need to to.

James Parker said...

Always an open ear to your "ramblings"...and not ramblings, but a little piece of your life that you share for people who care. And I care. Great news about your sister's blessed arrival...we should be seeing some sketches soon, I hope. Looking forward to some pics of you with Dominique and Tiffany.
And..I can certainly identify with the portrait trauma. My first commissioned portrait I posted a few days ago, before the recipient had seen it. I had my fingers crossed, because perceptions vary with the individual, and what I like...another might not. He (and she) were thrilled and paid well. I go into any project knowing there probably will be problems. When there aren't it's great. When there are, I remember.. "Consider it all joy to face trials of many kinds" :-)

adebanji said...

THANKS Sheila and Dominique! Thanks for your your understanding too, you guys are great and you listen to my ramblings too. Thanks very much I am learning from you !