Saturday, August 01, 2009

EMOTIONS XII, 12" x 16", Mixed media on cardboard, 2009

This is number 12 in my current series on Emotions.

I used myself to model this piece.

It shows the emotions present as a human being passes through the storms of life. Silent but steady the effect is engraved and remains an experience to remember.

I started of this piece with graphite, then etched away with my blade, then I introduced Biro and wax crayons on off white cardboard.


chayomao said...

u were looking at the mirror and sketching urself!

adebanji said...

Yer, but the guy I drew looks nothing like me ooh! LOl!

palomi said...

Adebanji, me encanta tu trabajo, tu autoretrato es una búsqueda más, pero mucho más íntima. Te felicito.

Adebanji, I love your work, your self is a search, but much more intimate. Te felicito

palomi said...

congratulations, your work is interesting, yourserlf is a good subjet .

Edward Burton said...

A very striking self portrait, Adebanji - well done!

Anonymous said...

:o) nice work Adebanji!Congrats! Kristina

RnB said...

Most of my self portraits were done as paintings. I'd like to attempt a self portrait like this again. It's been quite a while since I've done one. Yours is amazing. Love the rich dark areas and the perfectly highlighted lighter sections.

My admiration and envy continues. Keep on doing your wonderful work. It's inspiring. I always want to create a piece after seeing your posts.