Friday, October 30, 2009

Some young painters I loved at the ROI Exhibition 2009

As promised earlier this week I said I'll post some of the painters I loved in the Winsor and Newton Young Painters (Under 35) Artists Section at the ROI Exhibition 2009.

1. Yasunobu Shidami
He won the 1st prize in the Winsor and Newton Young Painters Section. He was a year ahead of me while at Heatherleys and he has set new standards and goals for himself since then. He had a masterful self portrait piled with rich thick paint, you'd just need to step back and squint at the piece to appreciate the facial structure and richness of the colour tones. This piece can be seen below in the picture that shows the cross section of the finalists in the Young Painters section.

2. Stephen Teeuw

I first got acquainted with him when we both qualified as wild card regional finalists in an ITV series called "Brush With Fame" in 2005. He uses a limited palette with very expressive strokes. What I love most about his work is the way he keeps the tones down to nothing more than two and works on the edges to unify them.

3. Natalia Avdeeva

Another Heatherley graduate, she had two paintings in the show and they were just a delight to behold. I don't have any images but she is an artist with a keen eye for colour harmony and composition.

4. Chris Jones

I love this piece, "Fathers and sons(fighting Pekins)" and I love it for the sheer drama, motion and imagination that went into the composing and execution of this finely rendered piece. I just discovered this artist in this exhibition.

5. Johnny Morant
His painting can be seen in the image under Eskov Pavel another painter in this post. It is a sort of rush hour scene of "Villiers Street". I love his work, it is fresh and dynamic. Discovered him in this show too.

6. Eskov Pavel

This painter from Russia won two awards with two wonderful winter paintings. I was talking to Olya who was around to receive the awards on Eskovs behalf and she can be seen below with one of the winning paintings "Museum of Art in St Petersburg". In both winning paintings he handled the scenes in the most masterful way. These can easily go wrong if the whites are not right. Another new discovery.

7. Maryam Foroozanfar

I first discovered her paintings in the BP Portrait award some years back. She is a fine "detailist" with the ability to handle very subtle colour shifts. I just love what she does with paint! Her piece " Bathroom " in the show was a melody of greyed yellows, just loved it!

8. David Pilgrim

A fellow blogger and an artist I got acquainted with in the ROI shows as he has been a regular for three or four years running. His piece below won an award in the show and if I wasn't mistaken, it was one of the first ten works to be sold in the show! I love the freshness of his plein air work and his ability to capture subtle changes in light.

9. Micheal Robson

Another discovery from this show. His work resonates with confidence! I asked him where he learnt to paint so confidently outdoors and he said he just has to work that way, as the weather sometimes keeps changing. He won the Phyllis Roberts' award of £2,000 donated to support and encourage young painters.

and Micheal snapped me with my painting too


Whit D. said...

Wow. Phenomenal painting. Truly first-rate.

Myne said...

I loved the second painting, by Stephen Teewv, the best. But all were good.. Kudos to you all and congrats again.

Jeannette StG said...

Yours is a very complicated painting that shows off your amazing skill to paint/sketch people.Even before reading your caption, I also loved the Pilgrim painting - a romantic rendering.

David said...

This is great. I'm so pleased you've done this Adebanji as I sadly missed the preview. It's great to see some of the work from the fellow 'young' artists and I can't wait to see them for real. Appreciate the efforts you put into postings like these...they make excellent reading!

Are you going to the painting evening on th 5th? I'm hoping to be there as a spectator. I've got one or two ideas you might be interested in.

(thanks Jeanette - very kind words indeed!)

adebanji said...

Thanks Dave! I will be painting on the 5th. Hope to know of the ideas!
Cheers Dave!

Michael said...

Hi Adebanji,
Michael Here from the Show. I am impressed how quickly you have updated your blog with ROI news, and I appreciate your mention of my name. It was great to meet you and I hope we stay in touch. Also, I spoke to Sally from 'the Artist' and we discussed me writing an article.

adebanji said...

Michael, you are welcome! Hope to see more of you in the future! I'm happy you finally got to meet Sally!

Sophie said...

Congratulations. Great painting. Thanks for sharing/showing some of the others too!

M said...

Hello Adebanji,

Thanks very much for the mention and lovely comments. Funny enough, the pieces that stood out for you were mostly those which caught my eye as well. Definitely enjoyed seeing your use of fresh hot colors and lively strokes yet again in this years ROI annual.

Best of everything & happy painting,

adebanji said...

Thanks Maryam for visiting, I have admired your work for very long and it's just great that blogging can span distances and keep us connected! Keep up the good work-from one of your fans!

Manuel CasaBranca said...

Congratulations for your work and enthusiasm, and all those great news from London that you have for us.
Best wishes from Portugal