Friday, March 19, 2010

Self Portrait at Lots Road Studio, Graphite, 2007-2010

I have been working on this piece for too long I think, and being a self portrait I got to a stage I wasn't seeing myself again but someone else. I think this is one of the dangers of overworking a piece. Nevertheless, I'll start another one but learn from this experience.

But please those of you out there who know me very well, I need your feedback, what do you think went wrong. Already, I have noted the right side of my cheek seems to be swollen.....There may be other things please I need to get over this self portrait hoodoo, so be as cruel as possible, I need to learn.

For the whole of this piece I have used only graphite on a very stubborn paper, that I might not use again.


Jennifer A. said...

Overworking a piece is never good, same goes with writing :) *But I'm sure it will turn out great anyhow*

adebanji said...

Thanks Jaycee! That would have to be another one!

David said...

Hi Adebanji,

I love all your drawings. Full of energy and amazing marks. I like trying to work out how you made the images but sometimes it's best just to stand back and admire :o)

With this one, I love the marks. The main thing that stands out for me is whether the head is actually slightly smaller than it should be for the rest of the body. Not sure, maybe it's the angle of looking up slightly that makes it that way. Either way, cracking piece of work and you certainly have a healthy approach by learning from each piece.

I try to do the same, always trying to learn something from the art. It's what keeps me moving forward (with the occasional step back!).

Are you heading to Chelsea for the Cheyne walk painting session? I'd hoped to make it Saturday but the weather might persuade me to try Sunday instead!

James Parker said...

Robert Burns said "Oh what gift the Giftee gives see ourselves as others see us". Even tho I've painted your old mug, I've never seen you in person, so I'm not sure how close a resemblance this is. But I think you look too serious. :-( Other than that, it's a downright spiffy sketch/portrait.

Ochuko said...

I don't know you personally, but from your pictures, I think the drawing makes you a little lean, and your face looks rounded without the hair/panama :)
It's a great work though!
(did you draw this from a picture? or were you in front of a mirror?)
**PS: pls enable comments from non-google users**

Janet Pantry said...

Adebanji, I can't vouch for the accuracy in this as I've not met you but I do emphathise with the overworking problem. It's funny but I wrote about this sort of angst re. portraits on my blog yesterday too, tho' it wasn't a self-portrait. I do think staring at the drawing for too long and trying so hard to get it right doesn't help - it addles the brain! :)

adebanji said...

Thanks Dave! Your comments really help, I thought so too about the tilt/proportion of the head. I did a little painting today for the Cheyne Walk thing and I am also working on a bigger piece in the studio. Its always refreshing to paint outdoors!I can't do Sunday so I had to weather the weather today.

James, thanks, I have never smiled in a self portrait, don't know why.

Ochuko, you are right about the leanness, It's taken 3 years and I have gained some weight during this period. I can't allow non-google user comments because of spams, they are just too many out there.

Thanks Janet- true-after a long while, the brain gets a bit sick I think!

Jala Pfaff said...

I don't know your face well enough to comment on that, but may I say bravo for a job very well done. Excellent hands!! which are so hard to draw... and I really like how the background is sketchy, but the main subject matter (you) is detailed.

joseph's art and stuff said...

just happened on your site, love your sketches thoughout your posts. this is a solid bit of work, i don't know you but but if you never smile in a self-portrait, then i can relate. you seem very serious about your work and it shows. continue pushing yourself, i really admire your talent!

Making A Mark said...

Nice to see a self-portrait - you should do more!

My first reaction was that the overall size of your head seems a bit small. Now I know you're not 'swollen-headed' but even so....! ;)

Earthula said...

looks like you won with that stubborn paper!

It is the proportion of the head to shoulders, I'd say.
Even then it is still marvelous.

dominique eichi said...

What a great composition first of and to add the fact that you made it even more distinct with the faded area. Since I've had the pleasure to meet you in person. My first reaction was Wow fabulous Adebanji but then I thought you must of been doing weight lifting because it seems you have more muscles here or it could be because the head is a bit small. Maybe we are more tentative when we do ourselves. I personally love more marks the way you do sometimes which is the only thing I would add. BUT this piece in this state is wonderful and creates this great look of SEE I'm paying attention to my subject ! Love that pose it is SO you.

adebanji said...

Thanks Jala and Joseph!

Thanks Katherine, Dominique and Earthula, it seems to me from most comments the importance of proportion.

It has occurred to me that I was wearing many jumpers under that hoody(due to the cold) and it must have expanded my shoulders a bit-distorting the portion of my head in relation to my shoulders.

Thanks everyone for such valuable feedback.