Monday, August 06, 2012

Recent Sketches on Public Transport in London

This is the training ground, this is where the warm up and real exercise takes place before the "performance". Doing these sketches has always been the core of everything I do. Sometimes the exercise itself gets a bit tasking and mundane but then all of a sudden a spectacular face springs up, some one is involved in juicy gossip or another is carried away miles from their seat in the train to dreamland and I'm like, "I have to record this!!!" This is my passion, this is my life! If it was all down down to one thing, I'll sketch people all day long! Hope you enjoy these with some notes too!


Again, these were done in a A6 Daler Rowney Sketchbook with 150grams Cartridge paper, A Black Bic ball point pen and a Number 75 Tom Bow Dual Wash pen and the other ingredients were curious eyes and itchy hands and a passion for the human face!

 Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 002  

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 003

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 004

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 005

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 006-The guy on the left was one of the fastest I have had to do while standing in a train, I didn't have the time to use my ball point pen because before I knew it the journey from London Bridge to Waterloo on the Jubilee Line was over!

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 007

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 009

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 010

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 011

Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook - 012- While sketching the guy on the right , his partner was on my side and watching  me, she kept giving him winks and signals of how it was going and when I was to get off at Sloane Square, he was pleased to see the outcome!

"It seems reasonable to assume that any talents you develop in this life-love, determination, compassion, basket weaving- you'll get to take with you. So our best bet is to develop ourselves to our full potential here and now- and hope the benefits are transferable- Andrew Matthews, Follow Your Heart


Suganami&Ezugha said...

What is a sketch but a moment's passion, searching for the truth. (Stephen Aitken)

For me this qoute states how i feel when i look at these drawings. their great !!!

adebanji said...

Thanks Suganami&Ezuga!!! And that quote rocks!!!

Sharon Williamson said...

Ok, I'm going to rise to the challenge...

It wasn't only the sketching that was interesting here - it was also a beautiful face to behold and listening to their stories of guys, relationships, family, future and even pension as she conversed with her friend. Enjoying all that with the opportunity to record the face was priceless. NB I wonder how these girls feel with artificial eyelashes - it looks a burden to me

You're right, what a beautiful face you've captured here, and your side notes really sum up the sketching game - it's all about grabbing that moment; the sights, the sounds, the smells even - a sketch can take you straight back there.


ps Can't help with the eyelash question, it's a mystery to me too ;-)

adebanji said...

Congratulations Sharon! You nailed it! You win a copy of my painting DVD, if you haven't got one yet. Let me know if you have. Then I'll let you know your next alternative prize.

Sharon Williamson said...

Wow, thank you so much! You have made my day :-)

Have sent you an email, thanks again.

adebanji said...

Brilliant! I have got your email and your postal address, I'll put it in the post tomorrow!

Sketching Brad said...

Your artwork is amazing and I love that you have christian influences. Your ideologies are very close to mine. Keep up the good work and spread the love!

adebanji said...

Thanks so much Sketching Brad!

Sharon Williamson said...

The DVD has arrived safe and sound – thank you so much! One of my aims for this year was to try some painting outside, in acrylic, but I haven’t quite got around to it – your DVD is therefore absolutely perfect!

Of course, I visit this blog for the sketching, which I love - so I am absolutely thrilled to receive the extras. Thank you!

adebanji said...

Great! I am happy it's all got to you safely! Enjoy your painting adventures!

Sergio F. S. Sixtos said...

Hola. Tu trabajo es realmente inspirador. ¡Felicidades! Te sigo desde México.

adebanji said...

Thanks Cibernetes!