Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Highlights from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (Open Painting Evening) 2012

Adebanji at work

The Open painting evening at the ROI was interesting again this year, with lots of non-members turning up to paint alongside the members on a very busy evening. I was quite busy this year painting and I wasn't able to get  the names of some artists featured, so I just took random pictures during the session and rushed back to more painting. We had three models on the night. The place was packed, I just managed to feature these few artists. It's always an evening I look forward to.

Adebanji's version of the model- after I took it back to the studio to add more touches, a very tricky thing to do.

Adebanji with the model and the painting

Haidee-Jo the winner of the First Prize presented to Non-Members, She won £200 worth of Winsor & Newton Art materials- She has won so many awards this year, I think I have lost count! Congratulations Haidee!!!

Haidee at work

Bill Dean ROI at work

David Pilgrim AROI at work

David Pilgrim AROI  with his painting

David Sandell at work

Graham Webber at work

June Mendoza RP ROI- this is her painting just after 40 minutes!

June's palette- I just love her palette- I feature it every year

Nathalia Avdeeva Prov ROI at work

Nathalia Prov ROI with her painting

Roger Dellar RI PS ROI at work

Tim Benson  ROI at work- He is demonstrating tomorrow at the Mall Galleries at 2pm

Tim King at work

Tim King with his painting

Tony Merrick Prov ROI at work
Other artists at work on the night

Paul Robinson, The representative from Winsor & Newton


Azra said...

Thanks for sharing this fantastic event! Maybe I can enter one day.

adebanji said...

You are welcome Azra, it was a great event!

adebanji said...

Azra, you can always come next year!

Peter Barker said...

Great painting of yours Adebanji - must have been a close-run thing between you and Haidee! Hope to join all you guys next year! All the best, Peter

adebanji said...

Thanks Peter! Yes you must it was great fun! Haidee is a star you see!

David said...

Top notch painting Adebanji! Very impressive...great post too...good to see you there. Have a splendid Christmas break!

adebanji said...

Thanks Dave! Loved yours too! Have. Great Christmas and a wonderful new year!