Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Discovering The City of York (Part 1-Plein air and Urban Sketching)

Relaxing around the River Ouse after a painting session.

This Summer (August 2-9) I had the opportunity of discovering a new urban painting paradise! I got invited to the City of York by Ann Petherick of Kentmere House Gallery. She had silently been admiring my paintings of London and Bath for a while and thought I would love York too! Well, she was right!

The Arsenal, all ready for war!-Paints all lined up for action!

I decided to spend a week in York and I really enjoyed every bit  of the City! I stayed in the one of the lovely rooms in the Kentmere House Gallery and The Petherick's really made me feel welcome at their house. I have never stayed in a house surrounded by so many paintings! It was just inspirational to wake up and see paintings, eat and see paintings, go to the loo/bath and see paintings!

Arriving the City!

The first day I got to York, Ann took me around to see the main features of the City and then she left me to discover the other places I would like to paint! I really love visiting new places but I don't travel much so this was a great opportunity to let get my "plein air antenna" to pick vibes in a new city!

I discovered the ZERO post at the station! Please don't ask me what it's about because it's a bit complicated!

I started with two sketches, once I had completed the first day of work, I knew I was going to enjoy the place!

Jacob's Well-I discovered this weird door along Micklegate-I just had to take a picture!

The first place I discovered was a beautiful hill with a structure on the top of it. It's called Clifford's Tower.

The scene -Clifford's Tower

I decide it's gonna be first in my sketchbook! I get a good place to stay around the Fire Station

Clifford's Tower Sketch, 11" x 8.5", Graphite, 2013- I simply love drawing, I have always said, "if drawings sold as much as paintings did, then I would only draw!"

The next place I discovered was a beautiful building called the Castle Museum.

The Scene-Castle Museum

Adebanji sketching the Castle Museum

Castle Museum Sketch, Graphite, 11" x 8.5", 2013- I thought this building had a slight tilt to it in my sketch, I love it when things like that happen. It's one of the beauties of being there and having to face all the adverse circumstances but still get something done-even with the bendy bits!

and finally my room where I would stay for the next one week!

It was always a delight to come back here for a sweet rest after a hard days work!

"Mine is the horny hand of toil"-John Singer Sargent


Unknown said...

I am relatively new to the art world, only painting since the beginning of the year, and I love your passion. That, along with your personality and great art I find really inspiring.

adebanji said...

Thanks James!!!

Gatepost productions said...

Long time no visit! Been so busy!

I live an hour from York and have pen & inked a lot of it, great place (I prefer Bath!!)

Been running through your postings and am dead chuffed you have done so well... you've worked hard enough for it(you wouldn't see it as work I don't suppose).

All I did was draw until I came across your blog, and you inspired me to paint. Well at 75 I can't afford lessons, so I'm teaching myself in acrylics and hope to migrate to oils soon. I've reached painting number 35 now and to my amazement three canvases have been bought's all your fault :0))

Continue to enjoy life and inspire us lesser mortals!

adebanji said...

Thanks John, this is a great testimony to your hard work! Keep it up! You prove that this passion never dies!