Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Playground Slide, Westfield Park (14) Chelsea Marathon

Here is number 14 of my current series of paintings and drawings of Chelsea.

This place is really familiar to me! I have taken my kids there many times to play and I normally pass through the Park everyday while walking from Chelsea World's End Health Centre to my Studio.

The Playground Slide, Westfield Park (14) Chelsea Marathon, Mixed Media on paper, 10" x 8"

I looked at it this week with the corner of my eye, especially at this particular slide and I thought it looked really interesting with the foliage in the background, so I got out to sketch it on coloured paper, somethiong different from my other drawings in this series of work.

I wanted it to have somewhat of a playful childlike feeling and I was happy with the finished piece.

Picture of the Scene

While drawing some students of a near by Primary School all came over to have look, they had just finished their STATS and were playing on the ground. One girl spotted me, was bold enough to ask a few questions and then she got all of her friends over to watch me draw, their teacher had to come to rescue after a while, as I couldn't see the subject due to their crowding.

I have used different shades of Oil Base Pencils, some washes with charcoal dust and graphite to execute this on pastel paper.

The drawing after completion
"Drawing is a first love for me, no mixing, no scrapping, no worries of paint stains....just the good old drawing with the good old pencil!"- Adebanji Alade

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