Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dawn, Abuja I, 10" x 8", Oil on Board

I traveled to Nigeria over the Christmas holidays last year and it was fantastic!

Going back home to see the landscapes, was captivating!

It seemed as if I had a new set of eyes.

So, hence the paintings from the trip.

This is the first one, Dawn around Abuja at 6.15am-the light was beautiful! some sort of harmattan was still eerie in the air! It was a sublime feeling!

Dawn, Abuja I,  10" x 8", Oil on Board, 2016
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Keep watching this space for more paintings and sketches from The Addictive Sketcher.

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Tracy Javid said...

What is the difference like with the light? Is African light and shade different from here in Europe?
Beautiful composition, I especially love the African girl. Heart stoppingly great.

Tracy Javid.

adebanji said...

Thanks Tracy!!
Oh yes, the light in West Africa is totally different from the light here in Europe.
I noticed that the sun is seen over in Africa during the harmattan months, as a tiny circle.
The light on the afternoon during the harmattan is ambient, not too strong and is directly overhead making everything somewhat overcast with shades.
The evenings are terrific during the harmattan, it's like a silent explosion of colours.
Words can't do it....I hope my paintings can do it justice!