Friday, September 18, 2009

Adebanji gets review on One Ambition

The Internet is a funny place and sometimes you stumble on things you least expect. I stumbled on this review by an interesting site called One Ambition. The goal of the site is about educating buyers, collectors and lovers of art on exceptional art and artists. The blog is written and maintained by the artist John Kelley….
This was the review they had on my sketches

One of Adebanji’s sketches

There are many things I do not like about technology and the web. This blog is not about my minor discontents but I mention that to contrast how wonderful the web is at introducing you to people you would have otherwise never run into. Adebanji’s sketching blog makes me very thankful that we have the web. There was so much content to choose from on his three sites that I have decided to post on his work in general rather than a specific piece in hopes that you will take the time to look through his sketch book and enjoy the journey he is recording for us.

What I like about Adebanji’s work.

#1. Integrity - I believe all the artist I have posted have this but when you are out in the streets each day recording life with your pencil as it passes you by…. well you really can’t have a more honest approach to producing works of art.
#2. Composition - As with so many of the artist I really enjoy Adebanji has a great eye for composition and you see this in all of his sketches.
#3. Drawing - I guess that’s obvious. To fully understand what I mean, take a sketch book, go sit on a street corner and try and draw people…. while they are moving…. with the light constantly changing. I really love the skill and freshness of his work.
#4. Fun - I try and stick to 3 observations but I can’t leave this one out. It is simply fun to follow what Adebanji is working on!
Look and Enjoy!

Adebanji’s Sketching Blog

Adebanji’s Painting Blog

Adebanji’s Website

Purchase Adebanji’s Art

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Linda said...

I also would never know about this wonderful Artist if it wernt for the web. Hes work is wonderful and I thank him for having it here for us to enjoy.
Have a great day,

adebanji said...

You are welcome Linda!