Monday, September 28, 2009

Sketches on the tube and train in September VI

I had a nice time chatting to the man in the sketch below on the left. He was quite impressed with the sketch and gave me a seriously interesting interview about my sketch life! I also grabbed a few shots of my daughter, Kezia in the buggie



RnB said...

I have a love hate relationship with explaining anything I've done. Usually a bit more if it's a piece that's been worked on for quite some time. I get lost in the transformation of my ideas on the pieces with a longer turnaround. Articulating motivations seems odd to me because I usually feel like I put it all out there in the finished piece. Bit of a bad habit now that I think about it.

Quick sketches though, I'd say who, or where it is, then explain where I might have edited things out that were there on site, or that I included in a slightly stylized manner. Most of my transit going is spent catching up on sleep or reading in prep for course work. I'll be a public transit sketcher one day too :-D

adebanji said...

I hope you do! It is a pleasant experience! Thanks RnB!