Monday, February 15, 2010

"Homelessness and Poverty Project"- Contributions to my Sketchbook Project by Larry Roibal

Starting off The Flying Moleskins by Dominique was a great move and I really adore people who can pull off things from scratch. I didn't feel my theme was going to spark much response from the other 13 artists involved because it had a different take from the normal. But I was surprised it did! See post and Comments by clicking HERE

Then I got the first contribution from Deano which was mind blowing!

Then came a request from Larry Roibal, one of the artists out there that I just adore, his ball point pen sketches are sensitive, slick and solid! It gets even more interesting because he does them on newsprints of the The Wall Street Journal. This creates a very interesting feel altogether of having formal "inorganic printed text" and "organic sketches of people with a delicate flow". I really enjoy seeing them on his blog! His request was simple, he wanted to have a contribution to my book, I was so delighted, I couldn't wait to receive them. Then last week they arrived, all original sketches he had done of homeless people in New York! I just love them!

Even though he is not one of the 13 artists involved in this project, adding his sketches when my book finally arrives from a world tour would be brilliant! I am planning to get a printed version of this book after that and it would be great to have Larry as one of my invited artists! It just shows how little beginnings can turn out to great things, like getting originals from artists you love! The feeling is great!

All sketches were done on the Wall Street Journal- Thursday, February 4, 2010

Letter I received from Larry explaining his process.


L.Holm said...

These are tremendous. Very cool that you've sparked such a response among so many. Really meaningful that he draws these on the WSJ.
Postal holiday today...jame's book is coming your way tomorrow.

Angela Elledge said...

Thanks for sharing these, I love the concept of drawing on newsprint and these are fantastic. I especially like that each figure is so uniquely composed within the text of the newspaper.

Isn't it interesting that in this great big world of ours, it's actually quite small? Who would of thought a laptop and a common interest could bring a wonderful group of people together...I continue to be excited about this project and look forward to seeing our books when they make their final destination.

dominique eichi said...

Wow....... what a fabulous addition to your book Adebanji. I love his sketches on the Wall Street Newspaper. It's exiting when we work together for a greater cause and your theme is doing just that. I am so pleased to see this growing.

adebanji said...

Thanks Liz, Angela and Dominique-lets keep this spirit alive!

Dean H. said...

Larry's sketches on the newsprint adds a strong layer of interest and even emotion to his art. They will be a great addition to your book, Adebanji!

I love how the internet can bring together heart, art, and minds.

James Parker said...

What a compelling addition to your sketchbook. And like Liz, I think the genius of doing the homeless sketches on the WSJ is meaningful...satirical? paradoxical?

JRonson said...

wow it's my first time in blog u have great works ! i like the way you work on papper, nice job !

Unknown said...

Very original! Never saw something like this. Feel free to visit my blog of an artist and illustrator too

Stephen Gardner said...

This is such a great project Adebanji, Larry is a good friend of mine it's wonderful that you have made this connection with him. If it wasn't for this blog world I wouldn't know either of you. Good luck with all of this.