Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sketches on the train in February I

More sketches done yesterday on the trains. On the sketch above the lady was sitting right in front of me and she seemed to enjoy the process of watching her face unfold....I was unlucky as I ran out of time to finish....I had already got to Belvedere, my stop!


Brian Anderson said...

I wish I could get as much detail on the bus, but somehow my drawings end up so much looser and scribbly. It would be interesting to see how you start.

Linda said...

Hello, I've been coming hear to look at your wonderful art for sometime. I'm teaching myself to draw and I'm learning so much from your people. I have problems drawing the full body gestures do you have any full figure drawings on your site? Or if not to buzy can you put some up for me to study. If I lived in your area I would hope that you had classes cause id come for sure.
Thank you so for all that you bring to the art comunity and for beginners like myself it truly means alot.
Have a great day,

adebanji said...

Brian, it's with constant practice and a steady hand that this sort of detail can still be achieved. Nevertheless because they are sketches, they don't really need detail to remain distinct in their own rights.

Linda, I'll check my archives when next I am in my studio and put some up just for you to study. I have done many full figure gestures in the past.
I am always available to take lessons and can travel to where you are if you are in London or Kent.
Feel free to contact via email to make arrangements if possible.