Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bath Marathon, DAY 1

Yes, as promised I have here the pics of me painting in and around the City of Bath.

I have never embarked on such a Marathon before and I'm not so keen on long distances, at school I was more of a sprinter, quick and fast but when it comes to Marathons, especially with the prevailing and unpredictable British weather-it's going to take some real grit and endurance.

Here are some pictures.

Adebanji on painting 6

Adebannji on painting 5

Adebanji on painting 4

Adebanji on painting 3

Adebanji on painting 2

Adebanji on painting 1

Adebanji catches the Bold Impressionist-Roger Dellar ROI PS RI painting in the rain at Bath, he was doing his second painting to be included in the Bath Prize

Adebanji browned, burnt and orched in the Limestone City of Bath....ready to go!

The first day was great but then came the rains on day 2......oh ooo....I wasn't prepared for the rain-I'll keep you posted!


The Stationery Concierge said...

Looking Good Adebanji, but you'll have to paint like a sprinter to catch the breaks between the rain this morning - keep going.

Angela Elledge said...

This is like letting us take a peek at the Christmas presents, you can only look at one little corner unwrapped! I love seeing your set up, you and the scene before you, but I just can't wait to see the final paintings!

adebanji said...

Thanks Laurie, the rain is driving me minute it's showers, one minute ii's sunshine. Well, I just thank God for the weather-It has taught me to paint with one hand and have an umbrella in the other hand.
Yes, Angela-because it is for an exhibition in a gallery, I can't reveal actual paintings yet...but stay tuned you'll be entertained along the way till the final unveiling!

Oliver Uvman said...

Inspiring as always, keep up the good, hard work! Hope you can find your peace in the changing conditions, enjoy!

adebanji said...

Thanks Oliver!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

The painter in the rain... it must have been really difficult, and it's a shame the weather was so bad, but I'm sure your paintings will be amazing. Can't wait to see them!

ky cheah said...

Your paintings are a reminiscence of john constable.Amazing, Dude.Regards, kycheah