Friday, July 09, 2010

Sketches on the bus, train and tube in July III

More sketches!!! I'm getting back to form!


Ira Grin said...

I love your sketches! Tried doing that during a subway ride a few times - felt like I'm a thief hiding behind the notebook stilling someones features... :)

adebanji said...

Thanks Ira! The best way is not to conceal yourself, feel free and others wouldn't doubt your credibility and neither would you!

Art, Love and Life said...

Hi Adebanji
Once againg a very good set of sketches. Do you mind if I ask about your technique? Do you sketch mostly in pen? What do you use for shadow and background?
I've been doing a few sketches in pencil, which I have posted on my blog, but I'm wondering about venturing into ink a bit more.


adebanji said...

Thanks Ray, I sketch mostly with a BIC ball point pen, known popularly as a BIRO. The tones for shadow are done with Number 75 Cool grey, TOMBOW Dual brush felt pen. They are great for tones. Ink kinda gives you the confidence that sets you on a level in which you know you can't erase, so you make each line and stroke count!

Art, Love and Life said...

Thanks Adebanji
I'm going to get me a Tombow


Kelley said...

I love your sketches! They make me look forward to riding the train again once school starts.

adebanji said...

Great to hear that Ray! Enjoy them and experiment with them first by playing around with them!
You are right Kelley, I'll be missing these commuters for 2 weeks as I am heading to Bath, for a 6" x 8" Painting Marathon Phase 1.