Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sketches on the train, tube and bus in January I

More sketches of people on on public transport. Some of people I sketch always love to see what I am doing, so I show them. It is quite interesting to see their mixed reactions when they see themselves!

Special quote.
"There is a popular notion that artists are born with the ability to draw, but that isn't true. The impulse to draw is there, but no one arrives in this world with the capacity to graphically depict visual reality. I have never known a painter who was just "naturally" good at it and could do it without serious training."
-Richard Schmid author of "Alla prima, Everything I know about painting"


V. Deshmukh said...

Wow! Another lovely set of sketches. Its always such a treat to see your blog.
I just noticed the "Top Pencil Sketching" blog sign on your blog. Hearty congratulations.

adebanji said...

Thanks Vinayak!

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

I enjoy looking at other peoples sketches they reveal a lot about the artist.I love sketching from life and I have found that my favorite and most sentimental pieces of art are not my paintings but my sketches.

Larry said...

No one is better at doing these fast studies on the tube. Each one a real person.

Ben said...

I would love to sketch people on the bus or tube, but am terrified of seeming to intrude into their lives, or that they will mind if they 'catch me at it' - do you have any advice on how to get over this doubt I have? Thanks, and thanks for the wonderful sketches.

adebanji said...

Thanks Roger- my best pieces are my sketches too!

Thanks Larry!- so great to receive an encouraging comment from you-the ball point pen MASTER!

Ben- You have to understand that what you are doing is not illegal- as far as you don't use the images for anything derogratory which would be a negative thing to those you sketch-remember you are not taking pictures which is even far more sensitive now.
To get over this doubt, smile when you sketch, don't hide your sketch pad- so that it shows you are not doing something dodgy or wrong.
Always be ready to explain why you sketch- it is a way the artist learns to improve his eye-hand co-ordination-to improve his/her drawing skills.
Finally, if anyone catches you as you mentioned, just give them a wink and smile -it will diffuse any anger or shock, it's the best calming effect I have known!
Hope this helps!
Please go to the side bar on my blog under the tags and click on "tips for sketching on the public transport"

Ben said...

Thanks Adebanji, I'll check that link now, and thanks again for all your inspiring work.

Marvin Lorenz said...

Great sketches, man! I love your paintings from life!