Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Londoners I sketch everyday (III)

All these were done in May in preparation for the Chelsea Art Society Annual Exhibition. All these sketches sold as one framed unit. It has been hard to get them (18) apart and as I had them in lined up as 3 rows in 6 columns.

2 heads, Londoners I sketch everyday

4 heads, Londoners I sketch everyday (3-6)

4 heads Londoners I sketch everyday (7-10)

4 heads, Londoners I sketch everyday (10-14)

4 heads, Londoners I sketch everyday (15-18)

When I sketch this way I purposely sketch on one sheet, which is not my usual style but because I knew I was going to be exhibiting them I had to sketch one head on each page in Oil base pencil (alternative to Charcoal) and graphite.

The Londoners I sketch Everyday III, 28" x  22, Graphite/Oil Base Pencil , 2012  SOLD

"Drawing the human head correctly takes practice, but I never consider it work. To me, people are the most fascinating subjects to study and draw. There is no chance for boredom since there are millions of faces in the world and all are different. Even the same person takes on many looks by changing expressions, clothing and lighting."-Paul  Leveille on Drawing Expressive Portraits


northierthanthou said...

very cool stuff!

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Thanks Northierthanthou!