Monday, June 07, 2010

Bath Experience IX, Paintings, Review and The Exhibition, 2010

Raking Light, Quiet Street 20" x 24" oil on Canvas, 2010

I am currently featured in a Review with Bath Magazine, Click HERE for details

I am currently taking part in a group exhibition at the Bath Gallery. It includes work of five other painters(Nick Cudworth,Shane Feeney, Simon Hodges, Laurie Moses and Bonnie Porter) in oil. It runs from 5th-21st June, 2010. If you are in Bath during this period, please go and have a look, you'll love it!

Morning Light, Queens Square, 18" x 12", oil on Board, 2010

Adebanji working on Morning Light Queens Square

Morning light, Rail Station Area, 12" x 18" oil on BoardSOLD

Adebanji working on morning light, rail station area

Evening Light around the Podium, 12" x 18", Oil on board, 2010

Adebanji working on Evening light around the Podium

Wet and Rainy Day, Pulteney Bridge, 12" x 18", oil on board, 2010 SOLD

Adebanji working on Wet and Rainy day, Pulteney Bridge

Winter Morning Kingsmead Square, 12" x 18", oil on board, 2010

Adebanji working on Winter Morning, Kingsmead Square


Bianca said...

Congrats on the summer exhibit. "Quiet Street" has a wonderful off center feel to it. And "Queens Square" is fabulous with its yellows warming up view.

adebanji said...

Thanks Bianca!

Formerly stealth reader said...

wet and rainy day @ pulteney bridge is my favourite.........the water and wetness lol.........luv it

adebanji said...

Thanks FST, it is great to see that everyone has a favourite.