Monday, June 21, 2010

Evening Light, Charing Cross Road wins Agnes Reeve Memorial Award at the Chelsea Art Society Centenary Exhibition

The Chelsea Art Society , Centenary Exhibition came to end over the weekend and I would just like to highlight that My piece, "Evening Light, Charing Cross Road" Won the Agnes Reeve Memorial Award for a Painting of London.

Evening Light, Charing Cross Road, Watercolour with hints of mixed media, 2009

This piece highlights a road I can almost, if it was possible, walk through it, blind-folded! It has hosts the very popular Leicester Square station, National Portrait Gallery and a number of theatres. The Theatre I captured here with its artificial lights interposing the late evening light in the atmosphere of a busy London Street is Wyndham's Theatre, which was then hosting Jude Laws' Hamlet.

I couldn't attend the Awards Ceremony at the Private View on the 15th of June as I was "locked up" in Exmoor with the BBC filming my adventure with sketching and painting Wild Ponies!


José Ramón said...

Congratulations on your page and articles I congratulate you!Greetings from creativity and imagination photos of José Ramón

Sadami said...

Dear Adebanji,
Congratulations!!! It's a wonderful work. Tons of congrats!!
Best wishes,

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Congrats! Great painting! Deserves every award out there!

Diana said...

That's just wonderful Adebanji. Many congratulations.
Diana (from POL).
That's the first I've heard about the BBC- do tell. When will it be shown? The BBC is really doing us proud with art programmes this year.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I love this painting, it's really beautiful, you caught the night atmosphere so well. It's got flow and movement too, you make the viewer feel like he's walking along the street, going in the same direction as the passer's by. Then (at least to me) there's the "plus" of the Hamlet billboard: this intense, haunted face painted in strong yellow, staring at us, turning the street scene into a kind of theater stage. The world is a stage. Beautiful.

Edward Burton said...

Congratulations Adebanji! I love the drama in the piece. And being filmed by the BBC - WOW!

adebanji said...

Thanks Jose, Sadami,Victoria, WITRAG, Diana and Edward!

Sorry for the late response!