Friday, June 11, 2010

Morning Rush, Wet and Rainy Day, Victoria, 6" x 8", oil on board, 2010

Morning Rush, Wet and Rainy Day, Victoria, 6" x 8", oil on board, 2010

I love crowded scenes with people, I love the rush hours. Every time I found myself passing through Victoria, I have often wondered when I'll have the chance to paint the place or how I'd go about it, since it is a crowded place and is so busy. But this week I broke the jinx. I set off early, got a good spot under Apollo Theatre, just as the homeless guys were waking up from their beds as this same spot is their sleeping place. It's a good shelter place and I needed it to be protected against the rain and also, people, because, even though I love people coming around, sometimes they talk so much, I end up analysing what they are saying and not analysing the scene. But that still didn't stop the honest enquirers coming for a peek!

Adebanji painting............

This painting was done on board with no underpainting. I worked shape by shape and section by section. I really enjoyed it and now I am fired up to take on more rush hour scenes.

The painting in the box

Snapshot of the scene


Sadami said...

Dear Adebanji,
Congratulations on breaking the jinx and the great work. Sincerely hope people leave you working on sketching with respect.
Keep up wonderful work.
Kind regards,

dominique eichi said...

I love it ! Great feeling of morning rush hour !
I love the fact that your painting is under the sign that reads " WINNER - Best western Show "