Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bath Marathon III Day 3 and 4

These are shots from day 3 and 4 of the 3rd Marathon.

116. It was so hot when I started this, I had to take off 3 layers of clothing, that's the unpredictable British weather for you! I had the staff from Bartlett Properties come out to offer me a cool glass of water when I finished, they said they had been watching me from start to finish!

117,118- You can't paint Bath without painting Milsom Street, this was Saturday afternoon and the place was buzzing with shoppers, tourists and all the rest. I had to make this a double because one 6" x 8" wouldn't justify the grand effect I wanted to achieve.

119-Queens Square has always been a favourite of mine, this particular shot was taken looking up to Gay Street. I quickly sketched the tour bus before it left, that was quite a challenge.

120- This is a place I would also love to paint at day time. the reflections are always great across the Canal near the Bus Station.

121- The girl walking up Gay Street as I was facing down Queens Square is Laura, I didn't know her name until one of the guys she works for identified her in the painting!

122- This was taken from Gay Street facing up to the Circus, It was one of the paintings I really enjoyed, the sun was blazing and the conditions were just right.

123-The whole purpose of this one and why I went for it was the light bouncing up and down against the buildings and across the road on George Street.

124- This was a shot I had to work very quickly as I wanted to capture the last rays of the golden evening light against the tree and some part of the buildings in the Circus from Gay Street.

125-My first painting at the Golf Course, almost the wrong time to visit but I caught a bit of the dusk, just before the night rolled in.

126-This is the Theatre Royal at night, this place brings back memories, because it was the site of the first painting I did of Bath last year.


fifo said...

Hi Alade....i would like to see your paintings in better resolution without you....they look nice with you..but i interest in to detail....

thank you a lot

and go on with your passion its nice to watch it

adebanji said...

Hi Fifo,Thanks! I am sorry, because it's for an exhibition I can't show full paintings yet, but you're gonna have to endure me in them for a while, there's still loads to go!

Nicole Horn-Fakher said...

It's again very interesting to see your Bath Marathon. You will make a exhibition with all the paintings? I admire your patience to do all this. Wish you all the best for future projects and paintings.


adebanji said...

Thanks Nicole, the paintings will be for an exhibition in November.