Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bath Marathon III Day 4, 5 and 6

More shots from day 4-6 of the third marathon. The highlight of this was the Circus!

127-132.1-I never planned to make this piece of the Circus a panoramic 6" x 48" piece. I started the first one and I asked myself, Why not another? I could do this because the Circus in Bath is just like a circle with three trees in the middle. As I started this painting one of the residents came out to give me a nice cup of tea. He said, "may the sun shine for you all day long".

127-132.2-Another shot of the progress.

127-132.3-Another shot of the progress and all six put together

127-132.4- The full six, I had to work placing them all on the floor towards the end. A lady then came with cakes and a nice cup of tea. She said you deserve this after a hard day at work, I had been there from around 10.15am to 6.30pm. It was one of my best days yet in the whole Marathon so far. I never planned to have it this way-but then Divine Inspiration sets in and all I could do was to stand in awe of the workings of the Almighty God!

133- This is Burton Street at night!

134-This is Landsdown Crescent on a very dull and cold autumn day.

135-Another shot at Landsdown Crescent facing west, around Somerset place. I really loved the sheep but my board was too small to do justice to them.

136-This is Landsdown Crescent facing east, around Landsdown Road. The day was fast fading but I was out to capture the mist as it settled on a cold grey evening.

137- I really enjoyed this one of Somerset Place at night, I was told a Millionaire bought this property from the University for £1 million and plans to develop it and sell for £4 million. Hmmm.... good business!

138- This is the Old Farm House at Belvedere, as I was coming down from Landsdown Road, I couldn't resist painting this place as the light around was brilliant for visible work at night.

139- This was a day when the rain got the better of me and my painting. I had just finished being part of the Judging panel for the Bath Prize and I got changed to start painting the Abbey and the heavens opened with a very heavy down pour. Hence the effect of rain in the painting, something that remained unresolved till I finished.

140-This is the Thermae Bath Spa building were cute people relax and burn out a lot of stress, I could do with one good soak but there's no rest.......

141-This is the Cross Bath Building, I don't know why it is called that. I had to treat it as a still life as day faded into night and there was not much interest as dramatic lighting.

142-This piece was inspired by the moonlight. I was just about to walk up the stairs to the YMCA from Walcot Street when the illuminated sky hit me, I thought-ONE LAST PIECE! It came out nice and I was pleased I persevered!


Victoria on Okinawa said...

Great paintings and I love the pana-painting! Awesome work, praying you keep warm and healthy while you do all of these outdr paintings in the cold air. Joy in Jesus

adebanji said...

Thanks Victoria, you are ever so encouraging.

Unknown said...

beautiful on-location paintings

adebanji said...

Thanks Alina!

Unknown said...

I love the painting marathon idea. Also really enjoy the evening painting. Painting in the open air is really allowing you to capture those places beautifully- great work!