Monday, December 20, 2010

Sketches on the bus, train and tube in December III

Sketches of people, people I may never see again, the documentation is a lifetime exercise. The people are passing by, they leave their mark on my pad and my mind. In one of the sketches a woman is asleep, yet she smiles as if the tube is her beloved bed, in another I'm sketching myself, now, why do I look so intense? There's another lady, her hair covers half of her face with her hands on her head-is this a headache, pain or just a massage-the line captures them all in a direct manner not minding the fellow onlooking passengers who can't bear their shock at me sketching in such crowded circumstances. Lol! This is it! The passion lives on!


Unknown said...

I love seeing these. You can catch such a range of emotions on a train, where people are forced to sit or stand still for a moment and think, or react to the day, sleep, chat, etc. Can't do this at the mall. Too much hustle. Cafe, maybe? Airport.

adebanji said...

Thanks Shones! You can do this at a cafe and the airport.;)