Wednesday, November 05, 2008

AFRO XVI, 6" x 8", Graphite, 2008

This is number sixteen in my current Afro Series. The model is a little girl that attends Sunday School in my church. This was done with different grades of graphite.

The emphasis of this series is the beauty of Afro hair in its natural state.


Making A Mark said...

There's something wrong with your feed. I was adding you to the blogs I followed and nothing comes through in terms of recent posts. I think you need to check your feed settings

I saw your Rush Hour 1V - very nice! See my blog post today.

adebanji said...
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vivien said...

lovely, I bet her mum was delighted with this !

you've caught the bone structure and eyes so well - and of course the hair :>)

vivien said...

bloglines works ok

adebanji said...

Thanks for the Help Katherine Thanks for the ccompliment Vivien.