Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sketches on the Bus in November IX

More people............ from yesterday and today. In one of these sketches I just looked into the window of the bus as there was no one to sketch and my reflection gave me something to do. I then added some others, mostly profiles............


Alice Thompson said...

You are so prolific Adebanji! Nothing seems to slow you down. I like the self portrait you did in this group. I'm curious what do you do with all of your sketches... do you tuck them away or do you sell them?
Can't wait to read your Tag Post and find out just a little more.

adebanji said...

Thanks Alice, Well with the sketches you'd be surprised if I told you I have stacks of sketch books in my studio, and thousands of faces of people I may never see again, the purpose of the sketches is deeper than the norm, but I do sell some but I decided to stop when I noticed that I was parting with something dear to me. So to stop selling them I decide to draw on every page so that I won't have to cut any one page out.

I will do the TAG post when I come back from my weekend trip away to Coventry at the moment. You'll discover a bit more, stay tuned!