Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Street Life, 10" x 8", Mixed Media on Canvas board, 2008

This is my entry in Karin Jurick's Different strokes from different folks.

Immediately I saw the picture reference, I had this feeling I would like to portray street workers. I worked with the homeless at St Mungo's for 9 years helping them sort out their issues and being a motivator to help them tap into their hidden talents and restoring their self esteem by involving them in meaningful activities.

It was a very hard job but also very rewarding too, because sometimes you would help someone get out of their street life style into actually being homeowners with a positive lifestyle too.

My job was to help them see the brighter side of life, whether they decided to continue or stop was up to them. In my years working with them there were some positive stories that changed my views about homeless people altogether and I think it is also a good thing to help in donating to charities like St Mungo's, that help the homeless have better lives!

I started this painting with acrylic and then introduced Biro and coloured pencils to get some effects that my impatience would not allow me render with acrylic.


Mark Bridges said...

Good twist on the photo. Looks to like it could be set in Las Vegas, mid-July.

adebanji said...

Thanks Mark, never knew it had that sort of feel to it.

Edward Burton said...

I really like your take on the photo. Great color choice - really sets the mood. Very well done!

adebanji said...

Thanks Ed!

dominique eichi said...

Your work as usual has passion. You are one of the artist I challenge myself to learn from.

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I thought it was a very clever idea you had to put what we in the U.S. call 'hookers' on the street corner, having no idea about your history of working to rehabilitate them. Anyway, it still has power, either way you look at it. I also enjoy the way you put your own spin on the subjects Karin chooses; it's fun to see what you have done next.

adebanji said...

Thanks Dominique and Camille.

Dominique- its a privelege to be that position, I guess we all learn from each other!

Camille- somehow working alone as an artist in the studio shuts one from the world but DSFDS has helped me connect and brings me back to school- So I approach each weeks challenge like I was in school again!