Friday, June 05, 2009

Grandad Transformed! 10" x 12", oil on linen canvas, 2009

Some of you might remember the post I shared about having a commission to paint someones Grandad from a small 6x4 black and white photograph, it was the only photograph they had left.

I took up this challenge and now after a few adjustments here and there it has been verified!

To do this it was tricky all the way, because it was hard to depict warm and cold colours, I just had to stick to tones, which doesn't really help for skin. But it was a bit like Karin Juricks exercise for last DSFDF weeks challenge. Only that I took a picture of his son(client) and used his tones for the painting.

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adebanji, my god, man, best of luck to you. Have not been able to participate in DSFDF, but I'm following right along. You have my vote and my prayers(includes twelve other family members and all their peeps.jb

adebanji said...

Thanks a million! Jeanne! Highly appreciated!!! As at this morning I was still 4th, 2 days more, anything can happen it is possible!