Monday, June 01, 2009

Sketches on the train and tube in June I

More people sketched today on my way to my group exhibition and opening. It was a wonderful day, lots of new contacts and interests! It's also amazing how people always want to know how I manage to sketch on the train without feeling intimidated or bothered about the person looking over my shoulder! Well, that's the fun bit! It's like watching a film, I play the role of the actor and entertain! It works well when one is not nervous because that makes other people start getting nervous.

And.........don't forget to VOTE if you haven't, 7 days left and I'm currely 4th. So come on!


webreelsreviews said... artist-friend could take a lesson from you - he sometimes says he's a little nervous about sketching on the train because he's the type that really really REALLY does not like confrontation.

Well, the sleeping series is nicely depicted - I always like seeing your works without either smudging or close-linked shading. The first one comes out the lines a bit, but who cares - you're drawing on a train, so it's more than excusable :). The shadow under her chin is a little off in one spot; it seems to extend a bit past the contures of her face. The others are quite nice - it reminds me of the sketches of the older lady from before, with the middle surving as a transition and the third pic tying in with the first by showing continuity of age and facial features. In the last pic, are those hairs at the bottom of the right (our right) sie of her neck actual strands of her hair? If so, than my hat is off to you.

As for the others, the only one I really want to comment on is the second one from the bottom on the right side; even though the sketch itself is a little, uh, "sketchy", you shadowed the middle of her face very nicely; I can detect bags under her eyes, and even a rough age.

adebanji said...

I have said it before, I'll say it again! Give me your eyes!!!Thanks Spider G,what more can I say!!!