Sunday, June 07, 2009



This is how it feels to sketch on a typical bus day in LONDON, hope you enjoyed it!

Just 2 hours more and your vote could be so precious!

Thanks to all that have voted! You might be wondering why I have a snail on the page. Well, while delivering a portrait to a client yesterday, on my way back I saw this snail and it was so beautiful, I couldn't sketch it because it was so small, I took this picture and it reminded me of myself. Don't let me live in the shell for too long, I want to go out there and be free. VOTE FOR ME-Click HERE LOL


Mark Bridges said...

Good luck.

Jane Hunt said...

Oh, I really hope you win:)

dominique eichi said...

Your funny too !
well now we wait for the results.
No matter the outcome of this, you will get to every part of the world you want to go,
for there is no stopping Adebanji .
It might be slow (aka snail) but it will GO !

adebanji said...

Thanks Dominique! Yes the snail will go, but may it be slow! Thanks for all your support!!!

Stacy said...

I came here today to see if you had won the contest. I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't. While here I watched the video of you sketching on the bus. I am amazed that you are able to produce such wonderful sketches with all the bumping and bouncing around! I loved seeing the sureness of your marks and how you made every line count. However, I am thankful that your video wasn't any longer because I was starting to feel a touch of motion sickness. :)

Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter. She is a beautiful baby and I can feel your love for her in your sketches. How I wish I had sketched my children when they were infants, but with twins, there was not a moment of time or an ounce of extra energy to spare.

adebanji said...

Thanks Stacy, so much for your comments, wow! I really appreciate the fact that you have taken time to look at the video and other posts on my new baby!

As for the competition, it was all down to public votes and I did all I could to get votes but it wasn't enough to win, but the dream lives on!