Monday, June 08, 2009


A BIG BIG BIG Thanks to all that voted, supported and spread the link! It was a tough competition and the wonderful girls that won were unmovable from the start! I wish them the very best!!

For me, I guess this piece I did in 1993 best explains what I need to do! To keep moving against all odds! This piece shows a Fulani Cattle Herder who has been caught up in a sand storm which is common in Northern Nigeria and Desert areas in North Africa. He can't afford to be swept away, so he keeps forging ahead with courage in spite of the sweeping winds and currents.

As I mentioned before- "Whatever the result, the dream lives on!!!!


Rose Welty said...

Excellent attitude Adebanji! Your time will come. :D

AC said...

Very amazing the way you used graphite in this one. Beautiful effect.

William R. Moore said...

I feel for you not winning,but such a good attitude.That was a good dream. Nice drawing, too. I asked my tweeter followers to vote.

adebanji said...

Thanks very much Rose, AC and William- I'll get there one day!

Debra Keirce said...

Great sentiment, great drawing. I sure wouldn't want to be in that sandstorm!

Alice Thompson said...

Adebanji Alade, If only the world could see. Cities and towns around the globe should be lining up and making you handsome offers to come and sketch there community. New York City can be a dark and harsh place and definitely needed your energy and light to help it shine. I've been rejected/discouraged a number of times by established art circles/critics since my teenage years but I never allowed there opinions or view of me change who I am or what I want to be. As your sensational Graphite Drawing shows
You are Truly Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.Holm said...

Your older work is awesome, too.
You will get to NY somehow. keep the faith.

Jeannette StG said...

You have the heart of an artist: you have to try!
The sstory of the cattle herder is an appropriate image here!

webreelsreviews said...

You do have the right frame of mind, my friend; though, that's probably not too hard to do when you are an atist ;P.

Well, I'm back after a hiatus, so let me start off with my critique:

Things that stand out: The energy of the piece; you really capture motion very well (just like with the little girls you had done two or so week s back), and you really get a sense of where everything is in real time - the stick, his hand position, etc. And speaking of that, the light stylization is very nice - from the twist in his hand to the background immediately behind him, you went creative, and it shows. Honestly, following this (which is ironically an older work) and some of your recent drawnings, it's a wonder that you don't do more dynamic pieces - you are quite good at it. You communicate well the determination on his face and yet, a sort of grace in defying the wind.

That said, the angling is a little odd, since from his feet, it almost looks as if the wind is blowing north west, while the streaming air from his hand indicates a southeasterly direction. It doesn't take away anything from the picture, though. Also, while I do like your sense of functional chaos, I think the piece might have looked even nicer if it was a little wider in scope, to really give the impression that he "stands alone", so to speak, against the elements. Cool early piece.

Anonymous said...

Very disapointed for you and your family. How annoying that the sketch community couldn't win for you. You must have been up against some tough opposition.
I think it might be a 'blessing in disguise' though.