Monday, November 08, 2010

Bath Marathon 4 PART 1 and a bit of info on my new PAINTING DVD

This is Part 1 of a 5 part series of posts for my 4th Bath Marathon. I'll also be giving you some information about my new painting DVD, which features me painting at Cromer on the coasts. Tomorrow, I'll make a full post all about it and as the day of release gets closer, I'll be posting more information about it!


156- Queen's Square, Autumn I- My first shot on the 4th marathon, I got to Queen's Square and made the first Autumn series at Queen's Square.

157-Here it is Green Street at night, a beautiful scene at night, the first street I lived when I got to Bath last year. There was no need for the camp light because the light from Jack Wills was sufficient!

158- Queens Square Autumn II- The sun had a brilliant effect on the tree and kind of cut the tree into equal parts of light and shade diagonally, I couldn't resist it! I got a commuter to take me pictures here, which she recommended I send to her. She loved the piece! Bonnie got some video recording of me here too!

159-Queens Square Autumn III- This one was done in a real heavy shot, one of my favourites. I felt a bit nervous as Bonnie was recording on her camcorder from start to finish, we were lucky, the rains started when I pulled my last brush stroke! ENJOY THE MINI CLIP OF IT ABOVE ON YOUTUBE

160, 161- Queen's Square Autumn IV- This is a double, I wanted to capture the beautiful building along Queens Square- The picture is not that good because the rains came rushing I got soaked and my painting too! I really got discouraged here. Then a lady cheered me up, she said she had been watching me from her office window when I did "159"- She said she really loved it and saw that I packed up, immediately the rains started- Now-every little encouragement when painting outdoors HELPS!

162, 163-The Abbey at Night(LIGHTS ON) I have done this scene before but it was with the lights off. the lights go off at 12 midnight. This time I started a bit earlier and I was able to get the texture and beautiful relief structures on the building! This place rocks at night! This painting is better seen in the flesh, I really used pounds of paint!

164-Brock Street, facing the Royal Crescent-I had just finished meeting Peter Brown on Gay Street. I was inspired! I was on my way to the Golf Course but when I got top Brock Street, the light got me I set up and with fire I knocked this one in an hour!

165- Upper Church Street, without the cars- I was still inspired here. So I got only a few steps down Brock Street and discovered Upper Church Street, as I was painting one guy begged me not to put the cars, I agreed, so it is titled, "Upper Church Street, without the cars"

As said earlier I would give this a full post tomorrow, but I can't wait to share some of what you are going to see in this DVD. Earlier this year I went with the crew from TownHouse Films to Cromer to get this done. When it is out you'll be able to see everything I do and how I do it in full hot "speed" from start to finish. All paintings were done in acrylic and it's great to see the techniques involved. Below is a picture taken during the shooting. More to come tomorrow!


Diary of a Madd Weekly Painter said...

Your work is positively fabulous ! And to think it's acrylic. Is that why you full, speed thru a painting? Hoping I can afford your DVD !!

adebanji said...

Thanks Sue, I was painting fast because I wanted to capture a particular type of light and because figures are involved in some, they kept moving. The DVD's are affordable they are just £26.90 per copy from TownHouse Films. A preview clip trailer on YOUTUBE will soon be available.

Anonymous said...

When I grow up I want to be like you! Congratulations from Brazil! Show ...

adebanji said...

Thanks, Hey JP! Keep dreaming, that's one thing that is going to keep you focused! You'll never be able to comprehend what is in store for you, BELIEVE!!!!!

Art, Love and Life said...

Hi Adebanji

Just watched the wee video and I'm looking forward to seeing more tomorrow. Your work is sensational.

adebanji said...

Thanks Ray!

Ola Balogun said...

Banji, many thanks for the great inspiration you've been. Keep on the good work. In my opinion, you are one of the truly greats, as your commitment, dedication, and hardwork is highly commendable. I will like to purchase a copy of your DVD when it is released. May God continue to bless the work of your hands and use them to His glory. Amen!!

adebanji said...

Thanks Ola, your comments are highly appreciated! Thanks for all your encouragement from time to time.