Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bath Marathon 4 PART 2

The Bath Marathon continues and these are more shots of me at it! I tried in most of these to keep out of sight, so you can see the paintings without my distracting face but I ended up sneaking in again!

166-Road Beside the Royal Crescent, from Upper Church Street- The light was brilliant lighting the figures and trees, this was real fun!

167-Far End of Royal Crescent, Sun Bathed- This was a great place to capture as the sun was blazing over the grass and almost blazed the whole end of the building!

168-Up Chapel Row towards Queen's Square- I had just finished doing some sketching at Chapel Row Gallery as they were celebrating drawing for the whole day and after that I just popped out and painted this scene. I loved the light across the buildings.

169-Chapel Row, down to Green Park-This was a typical urban scene in Bath and it had all the traffic and figures down Chapel Row.

170,171- The Last golden Tones around the Royal Crescent-This is a double, it was a great scene around the Royal Crescent and the sun was cutting through the fields. The night came upon me too soon but I worked really fast to keep up with the fading light.

172-John Street at Night- Great little Street, while painting this, I met the owners of a building called Doric House, I painted it in my 3rd Marathon. They inquired about the painting and are keen to buy it! They said they saw me painting it in the cold!

173-Milsom Street at Night From Jack Wills- Jack Wills is a great spot to take bearing from at night. You won't need a night lamp because the light from Jack Wills is perfect and almost daylight in intensity!

174-NO 1 ROYAL CRESCENT WITHOUT THE CARS-This was another piece I decided to do without the cars because I wanted it to have a nice historical feel to it.

175, 176-The fields in front of Royal Crescent- I never planned to paint this as a double, but when I completed the first piece, it just didn't look right without a second, I hit full form while knocking this one off, I was dancing with the light.

More Info on My New Painting DVD.

Watch out for the post tomorrow, as I am going to be posting the 2 minute trailer of the DVD, so you can have a preview of what it is going to be like. I'm sure you'll love it!


Beth said...

Beautiful, Adebanji -- I'm really enjoying these recent posts and the videos!

adebanji said...

Hey! Thanks Beth!

JimmyG said...

Just stumbled upon your site, well done! I've only recently returned from Bath and your paintings are wonderful postcards of a beautiful city. Cheers!

adebanji said...

Thanks JimmyG!

Unknown said...

You seem like you have so much energy for what you're doing & it is inspiring. Beautiful work, as per usual.

Ollie said...

stumbled upon this. nice work and cool initiative. i like it!!

adebanji said...

Thanks Aubrey! That's the main goal in sharing these posts-TO INSPIRE! I get the buzz from other artists too and together we can keep each other going closer, towards our desired goals and dreams!

adebanji said...

Thanks Olivier!!!

adebanji said...

Thanks Olivier!!!