Friday, August 05, 2011

The Royal Crescent Bathed in the Spring Sun, 48" x 20", Oil on canvas, 2011

The Royal Crescent bathed in the spring sun, 48" x 20", Oil on canvas, 2011 SOLD

This painting of the Royal Crescent in Bath was done for my Bath Group show in May at The Bath Gallery. I went to Bath to do a study in graphite and then I took loads of pictures too. I came back to London with all the reference material and embarked on this piece, which is my largest painting of a place in Bath.

It is such an incredible structure and I love it, ever since I did two (here and here) plein air shots of it during my Bath Marathon. I have always longed to do a bigger piece and this was my chance, although painting the details was a nightmare!

It was this painting that fetched me the commission I did of St Paul's in my post before this one. The couple came to the exhibition and really loved the way I painted The Royal Crescent. That's when they decided to have me take on St Paul's.

Adebanji with the painting at the Octagon

Adebanji sketching the Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent Sketch

"Somewhere within all of us there is a wordless centre, a part of us that hopes to be immortal in some way, a part that has remained unchanged since we were children, the source of our strength and compassion. This faint confluence of the tangible and the spiritual is where Art comes from. It has no limits, and once you tap into it you will realize what truly rich choices you have. May each painting you do from that sacred place include an expression of gratitude for the extraordinary privilege of being an artist."-Richard Schmid from his book ALLA PRIMA, Everything I Know About Painting


Juliet said...

wow,your sketch is amazing and its interesting to see the finished painting.Great work!

The Stationery Concierge said...

Adebanji, I love the way your drawings underpin the paintings that you do - and they are just as strong, lovely work - keep it going, Laurie

adebanji said...

Thanks Juliet!

adebanji said...

Thanks Laurie, every painting I get down to do is always about drawing, there are still struggles in my brain to keep thinking draw, draw, draw while I paint.
I long for the day I'll only need to draw and not paint- painting is too scientific while drawing is the closest to the pure arts!

kookaburra said...

The painting is lovely, but I am even madder for the sketch!

adebanji said...

Thanks kookaburra! The sketch always has a spark that finished paintings, finish off.