Friday, August 12, 2011

Sketches on the bus train and tube in August II

These are some more sketches of people on public transport. Sometimes I find myself not being in the mood to sketch, I pull out a book or an art magazine and start to read then suddenly I look up and there's a beautiful or interesting face that catches my attention. I can't resist, I pull out my ball point pen and sketch, sometimes it's only a few lines that are just enough to describe the form or gesture. Sometimes a hint of shade or tone with the number 75 Tombow Brush Pen Fine Tip and Brush Tip Cool Gray 3 will do! It's always great to go for the overall impression first, not paying attention to the details-

I was sketching a guy (above, bottom left) while on my way from Hampstead Heath, he knew I was sketching him and he told me to hurry up as he was getting down on the next stop! That was painful because I was really enjoying his freaky hair-style.

I thank God for a guy called Burton Silverman-I have learnt so much from him, his rapid sketches taught me a lot, his approach, selectivity and his sheer artistic mentality. If you can, grab his book on, "The Intimate Eye-THE DRAWINGS OF BURTON SILVERMAN"-it's a solid education!

"The quicker we draw, the better, so long as we can keep up the tension of our eyes, brain and hand all working together at the same time. The moment one of the three faculties gets out of gear or tired, the vitality of the drawing is lost"- Borough Johnson from his book The Technique of Pencil Drawing (1930)


Juliet said...

lovely sketches.Have you ever had any opposition from your subjects who you sketch on the Tube?

adebanji said...

Thanks Juliet. Yes I have had opposition. But in each situation after understanding what and why I was doing what I do, They were fine. One guy after opposing but seeing the sketch, had me email it to him and his girlfriend.
I think the misunderstanding of sketchers and a society that has been abused, makes a lot of people very conscious of personal space. But I think as artists we shouldn't add to the problem but help and educate the society of our roles, I have noticed through experience that people love that little bit of clarification. Hope this helps.
Even while doing plain air studies, some people still want to know whether they've been added or not, it's so weird.

elena nuez said...

I looooove your artworks,
really like them very much,

greetings from Spain,

adebanji said...

Thanks bicocacolours!