Thursday, January 29, 2009

AFRO XXIV, 8" x 10", Mixed Media on Heavy Watercolour paper, 2009

This is number 24 in my current Afro series- another experiment- I started off by mixing the charcoal dust with some Liquitex Slow Dri Blending medium(Never tried this just looking for effects)I didn't do any initial drawing just attacking the paper with my brush as I would approach a watercolour piece. Then when it was dry, I added more definite drawing and tone to the piece with the oil base pencil. I then added some intermediary tones with cool grey and white coloured pencils.

The emphasis of this series is all about the beauty and variety you can get with natural black hair

The model is my little boy, "Josh" and that was when he had a bit more hair and was younger.


Unknown said...

Wonderful and I love the fact you listed a link to the material you used to a site I can buy it from. They are compensating you for all the referrals right?

Unknown said...

I love your new video "Josh the Artist". He jabs and stabs at the paint in the tray and just as you think he's going to attack his canvas with the same ferocity, he delicately places a single spot of color. I'll have to get the Madagascar sound track to work by also.

adebanji said...

Thanks Sheila, I am not too good at placing links but I tried my best to make sure that I got somewhere right!

No compensation- the compensation are the results I get in the work I do. For instance when I now use these experiments tests for serious work- it would really produce beautiful effects with more care and planning!

That New video of Josh was done a year and a half ago and what made me put it was the way he seems to sign his signature towards the end. He loves Madagascar, he must have watched it a thousand times!

Thanks once again for taking time to stop by!

We love "attacking" our work and sometimes we work to the tune of music playing! Wait till you see me put one up that has me working on something...I bet you'll be shocked!

Leia Brown said...

Beautiful portrait! I'll have to try your technique with the blending medium and charcoal dust. I love all the texture and how his face just glows! Well done.

adebanji said...

Thanks Leia!

Anonymous said...

very rich, i love the texture and the details.

adebanji said...

Thanks "The Gypsy"!