Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sketches on the Bus In January III

I sketched the on the last two page spreads in my sketchbook today and it has been one of my most interesting sketchbooks. I started on the 5th of December 2008 and now I have finished on the 10th of January 2009. I hope to self-publish this sketchbook, just how it is with it's 61 page spreads (122 pages) so people can see everything in one go and also read about some of my ramblings/ stories while sketching these people.

There was a woman I sketched today(above, far right) and she was quite impressed with what I did, considering the fact that it was in a moving bus. She then asked why I didn't get a zone 2/3 travel card which covers all bus zones and still gives my access to trains in zone 2/3-When I told her how long I spend in the bus from my studio to where I live. I was thankful and now I need to do some research into this because it will help me. That's one of the benefits of sketching and talking to people on the bus.


Unknown said...

Well I'm impressed too that you can draw something wonderful on a bus. I can hardly write down a couple of numbers on any mode of transport. I think people think artists are public people and are very approachable. Having a nice face like yours helps too.

adebanji said...


Hahaha, you are bit funny too! I agree that artists are very approachable, not sure about my face though......