Monday, May 04, 2009

EMOTIONS X, 10" x 8", Sanguine/sepia dust and coloured pencils on Watercolour paper, 2009

This makes number 10 in my current Emotion series.

I saw this guy playing as a street entertainer at Woolwich Market on Saturday and immediately it clicked with me that he'll be great to draw in my emotions series as he was completely lost in the spirit and emotion of the music he was playing. Passers-by were all dropping coins, I did too and also I didn't forget to snap pictures too.

I have used the ghosting technique as explained in Emotions VII to do this piece, the only difference is that I have added sepia dust and more coloured pencils form the red/brown family and white coloured pencil/ink.


Carolyn A. Pappas said...

This is really great. I'm curious, how do you apply the sanguine/sepia dust? Do you use a brush?

adebanji said...

Thanks Carolyn Ann, I use many things sometimes brushes, toliet roll, kitchen roll, ear buds(with cotton wool) my fingers, also something thats similar to what is used to apply shoe polish. The aim is to work the dust into the paper so that it gets deep into the paper tooth without falling off.

dominique eichi said...

These pieces are so much your signature. I know you use watercolor paper but what brand and texture ?
This piece has much vibrancy and feeling , so nice Adebanji.

adebanji said...

Thanks Dominique!

For this one I used Bockingford Watercolour paper, CP(NOT)425gms.
Sometimes I use Arches Watercolour paper too, that has rough texture, 300gms.
Sometimes I sand the paper very lighly to help produce tooth for easy workability with the dust.

But for the Emotions VII I used Museum Mountboard, 400gms which I had to sand very very lighly because it was too smooth.

Edward Burton said...

Very nice, Adebanji!

adebanji said...

Thanks Edward!

Unknown said...

Wow..... I can almost hear him playing. I love the emotion on his face, like he's putting his heart and soul into his music.

adebanji said...

Thanks Sheila, that's exactly what I wanted to portray!