Friday, May 15, 2009

Josh in Sleep Mode XV, Oil base pencil(Sanguine), A4 sketchbook, 2009

This makes number 15 in my current series of my son sleeping. This time after a busy day at Nursery, he ate and watched "Prince of Egypt" after which it was a switch to sleep mode. I quickly rushed to get another sketch done before he changed gears.

This was done with an oil base sanguine pencil with a bit of sanguine dust at the end, in my A4 sketchbook.


Unknown said...

aaah... he's doing his little angel pose again.

webreelsreviews said...

Have I told you that you're my favorite blog to vist :).

For a "rushed" sketch, it's very well done. The more I see your works, the more I become convinced that your faces are your most impressive features; you have a real knack for both expression and lighting, and I can tell exactly where the light is shining in that sketch. I'm always sketchy about critiquing a quick drawing (kind of like pointing fingers at a poet's beautiful sonnet when it was "only" done in half an hour); are the stray lines in the back parts of his hair and clothes, or the folds of his resting spot? It's hard to tell since they kind of "float". Also, nice touch on the faint shadow by his ankles, even if the feet are the most rushed part of the drawing. Oh, and the shadows are very nicely placed. Another great sketch :).

adebanji said...

Thanks Sheila!

Thanks Spider G! I am happy this your favourite blog visit! I really love faces and I always sketch the faces first even before continuing with the rest of the figure, I love expressions!
If it is a quick sketch there's is still room to make it solid and accurate-that comes with discipline of the eye and I still made many mistakes especially where you pointed out at the back of his head. One great artist John Sanden, said what artist needs is "CLARITY OF VISION"- "THE RELENTLESS DISCIPLINING OF THE HAND"and "JOY IN WHAT ONE IS DOING". Sometimes when it is hard to resolve, I ache but I just can't do it. The part at the back of his hair supposed to be a resting spot, the back of the chair he was resting on. Great critique again! This why I really appreciate your comments :)

L.Holm said...

Man, he is precious. :-)