Friday, May 15, 2009

Old friends and their sketches, 2003-5

These are some real oldies of sketches I did of friends I worked with. It was more of informal education and I had to motivate and demonstrate to them how to do quick sketches. Here you can see three pictures. One is an oil sketch I did for one of the greatest pool players I have ever come by and the other two where given as Christmas presents in the end, after the demonstrations. I tried to get then to pose in the exact way I saw them but it didn't quite work.


webreelsreviews said...

Yes, I'd imagine it would be tough to get someone to pose in the same position as before.

The first sketch is incredible; you captured everything from the conture of his chin to that curious indention on his left cheek. For someone with such a unique, distinctive face, you sure did reproduce it faithfully.

With the second piece, it's hard to
make a comparision, since he's not turned in the same angle, which distorts the size of his forehead as well as the contures of his cheek; however, knowing your skills, I doubt it's anything but a splitting image.

With the third, your really put alot of detail into both the wrinkles of his eyes and under his chin. Again, no real critique, especially since he's not in the exact same pose.

adebanji said...

Hmmmm Spider G Wish I had someone like you right near to me! Your critique and analysis puts me on great edge, love it! The only way we as artists can improve is by getting constructive feedback and that is what I am getting from you, free of charge! HIGHLY APPRECIATED!

Unknown said...

I love the oil sketch. I've never really tried an oil sketch but I think you've inspired me to try one!

adebanji said...

Thanks, Go for it Sheila!