Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sketches on the train and tube in May IX

I forgot my sketchbook and had to use these light sheet ones I picked up form my studio, only problem, they are not acid-free!

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I am currently 3rd on the ratings and don't wanna go backwards! Help me live this dream!!! I'll keep you updated!


Avocaken said...

Hello Adebanji. I have attempted to vote for you from Dominique's blog and your blog. The website has a problem with me! Every time I try to vote I receive this error message:

"Uh oh. We've drawn a blank.
You know how it is.
We try our best, but sometimes you just hit the wall.
Like this 404.
Don't give up."

I'm sorry, but after four attempts, I DO give up. :-) I wish you much good luck and good fortune with other voters. Maybe you could lodge a complaint?

Warmest best wishes
Ken B.

MarceloJ Bresciani said...

Nice drawings! Regards from Brasil

adebanji said...

OH MY, OH DEAR!!!! Hmm this is not good news. I'll have to let them know about this.

Watch me work on this!

I'll send you a personal email.

Thanks soooo much anyway!

adebanji said...

Thanks MarceloJ!!!

adebanji said...

Thanks MarceloJ!!!