Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sketches on the train in May VIII

These sketches were done this morning. Somehow The three face lady sketch(above) had a twist to it, can you figure it out?

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Spider G said...

Hm...a twist? Is it that she seems to be normal and awake (though nodding off) in the first pose, more asleep in the second one, and then jarring back awake in the third? I don't know, that's what it seems like to me :).

Regardless, I was literally struck when I first laid eyes on them. The shadowing on the first and last shots are very good, and your hair for a quick sketch is very, VERY well done - not a strand is misplaced. The first picture is a little odd, though, since she somehow looks younger than in the others; it might be just the perspective, or it might be because her lips look smaller and fuller than in the other two.

I also notice that the hair on the middle one is different; nothing wrong with it, just that the funny little "half-bang" in the front parting is missing. The third is the most standout in this lovely sequence to me; it combines the detailed shadowing of the first picture with the realistice and continuous depiction of age of the second one. Nice work, as always:).

Also, I've recently posted something on beauty and art I thik you might be interesed in; I'd love to know what you think (put me on the critical end, for a change ;p).

adebanji said...

Thanks SpiderG, I will check it out! You come across powerfully.