Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sketches in MAY from the TRAIN/TUBE III

I just have to keep it up. I'm loving the outcome at the moment.

MONTH of MAY: Sketches from the TRAIN/TUBE II

One thing I have noticed within the month of May is that my sketches are becoming more fluid with fewer lines to depict the structure and the brush pen for simpler basic tones. Need more, my output is a bit low though. I am beginning to select my audience this time around and not just sketching everyone noticable as I used to, a year ago.

MONTH of MAY:Sketches from the TRAIN/TUBE

These are some of the people I have sketched in the month of May. My emphasis is on tone and facial structure. As usual I try my best to get a striking resemblance too.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sketches on the TRAIN/TUBE

These are just some of the sketches I make everyday on way to and from work, I started in 2005 and I seem to have become a bit addicted now. I always position myself in a place where I can get a good view and not become a nuance to the person I am sketching.

Sometimes people still see me, have a look at it and have requested for it. When I like it so much I tell them that I can't tear it out for them but will be willing to e-mail it to them if they gave me their mail address.

Some I never finish, it depends on the length of the journey too.
I noramally use pens (black biro) and Tomboy art brush pen N75 for the shades and tones. -this link will take you to a full months journal.

Keep sketching and don't give up. For real inspiration on the whole beauty of sketching and for encouragement see


Recently I was passing by this shop in Chelsea, it had these model manikins wearing clothes for sale. I was particularly interested in the light that fell on this models face and how it portrayed the feminine strength in her. I took some pictures and then I went on to work on it, attacking it a bit emotionally with wild strokes and colours with pastel and coloured pencil, the result was quite fascinating. I have titled it "Feminine Strength".

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This painting was done in acrylics and ink, it was titled "THE ECSTASY and THE AGONY"-It shows an Arsenal fan(I used myself as the model)- by taking pictures of myself in both moods, joyful and then in despair). I planned the composition to reveal both moods but allowing the joyful mood to prevail. It was done in 2 days but took weeks and weeks of planning and thinking. The results came out today (1st of June, 2007) and a ManUtd fan won! You can see this on the Barclays Premiership website. I was one of the 5 runner-ups! All works submitted were not to be bigger than A4 size, mine was exactly A4 size.

Is this a genuine Fan Gogh?
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Adebanji Alade's image of a celebrating Arsenal fan
AN ARTIST and football fan has combined both his passions and landed himself in the finals of an international art competition.
Adebanji Alade, 35, of Waterfield Close, Belvedere, has made it onto a shortlist of 22 for the Barclays' Finding Fan Gogh football art competition.
The competition attracted more than 1,600 entries from 28 countries, including Australia, the USA and China.
Barclays, which sponsors the English Premiership, launched the competition in November last year.
Entries included photographs, computer generated images and collages as well as paintings and drawings.
A dedicated Arsenal fan, Mr Alade has been drawing pictures of Arsenal players since he was six. He is married with a two-year-old son, Joshua, who has inherited his passion for art.
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A panel of judges, including chairman of the Arts Council of England Sir Christopher Frayling, artist Sir Peter Blake, Barclays marketing director Jim Hytner and West Ham striker Terry Sheringham, will select the winner at the end of this week.
The winner will not only receive a £10,000 prize, but their artwork will also be displayed on a billboard outside their favourite Premiership ground.
Five runners-up will each receive £1,000.
8:48am Saturday 12th May 2007
Adebanji Alade

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Daler-Rowney Award - (
Daler-Rowney Award: three prizes of £250 worth of art materials.

Artist : Adebanji Alade
Title : Rush Hour
I did this painting to depict the rush in the tube at peak hours, I love the hustle and bustle of the tube and the figures- it was great painting it -(oil on canvas) measures 36" by 24"

It won an award for the Daler Rowney artists Category in the patchings art competition organized yearly in the Artist's magazine.

It was also sold for £975 at the Liberted Expression Exhibition last year at Barclays. I am currently working on another one in the same series, thanks to Sharmina and her hard work in promoting the exhibiton in which half of sales went to supprt children in need.

Painting of my framer Bijan

I painted this portrait from a series of pictures I took of the guy that does my frames, he is master framer. I tried to capture the look in his eyes when he wants to know what you want this time.

It is an oil on canvas and measures 16'' by 12"

Painting of my friend Francisco

I painted this portrait from a photo I took of my friend where I work I had to switch off the lights and had only one source of light -a tungsten bulb spotlight. I wanted to create a kind of mystery around his life-So I titled it "creepy shadows" or simply "creep".

It is an oil on canvas and it measures 120cm by 80cm.