Thursday, April 12, 2018

Updates form my Art World September 2017

1. Sketches on public transport.

2. One to One Coaching with Julia.

Collage of drawing demos and a picture of us together.

Talking about my sketches and drawings.

We worked of sketching on Public Transport together

Julia working on some of the techniques I showed her.
3.  Turner and The Sun.- I presented Turner and the sun on The One Show, BBC One.

4. Open Studio Teaching at Heatherleys

5. Portrait Demo to The Enfield Art Circle.

6. A Portrait

The Conflict, 12" x 11.5", Mixed media on Board

7. I did a recording with the One Show Crew at The RA Drawing Rooms, it was to focus on a powerful sculptor who made The Queen's Head for the stamps we use today in England.

8. Another full day of Filming in Karl Taylor's Studio featuring the re-making of the work of Salvador Dali.

9. A drawing of Miss Cameroon, another one of my AFRO SERIES