Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MY UPCOMING WORKSHOP-"Everything I know about Sketching!"

I've been running this sketching blog since 2006 and a lot of my readers have always asked for a hands on practical workshop- So I'm delighted to announce that I'll be holding an intensive one day WORKSHOP on "Everything I know about Sketching!".

To register for this workshop you can click HERE

The details are as follows:

Everything I know about sketching: ONE DAY WORKSHOP at Harris Academy, Falconwood on Wednesday, 27th of August, 2014 from 10-4pm.
  • ·         How to develop a sketching habit
  • ·         Everything starts with a sketch -SEE, SQUINT, SHAPES and SKETCH!
  • ·         How to fall in love with your sketchbook.
  • ·         The Power of the Eye-Hand co-ordination
  • ·         Sketching Techniques
  • ·         Working from the model- the PORTRAIT SKETCH, the FIGURE SKETCH
  • ·         Sketching on Public transport- all my tips and secrets, handling the pressure and still having a passion.
  • ·         Sketching in Oil, acrylic, Gouache, watercolour, Coloured Pencils, Ball point Pens and TOM BOW markers, graphite, charcoal....etc-bring any medium you are comfortable with.
  • ·         How to paint from a sketch
  • ·         Urban Sketching-Sketch the world around you

THESE ARE MY MAIN BALL POINT SKETCHING TOOLS- A simple BIC Black Ball Point Pen and an N75 TOM BOW dual wash pen.
THESE ARE MY MAIN GRAPHITE SKETCHING TOOLS-A simple stick of Chunky graphite and a Mechanical clutch pencil, preferably 0.5mm 

It’s an Intensive workshop!
Please bring
  • ·         Sketchbooks......empty ready for the filling!
  • ·         Papers assorted loads........
  • ·         Easel (your own easel, if you can’t we have tables available)
  • ·         Any medium to sketch with (pencils, pens, charcoal, watercolour, markers, oil, acrylic, gouache)
  • ·         Notebook (for notes and important points)


Please bring your packed lunch. Tea, biscuits and coffee will be provided. Be fit and ready this is a workshop that will get you inspired and change the way you SEE.

Beware-you might become ADDICTED to SKETCHING!!!

Register at or CLICK HERE to register

PRICE: £75 per each participant

If you don't have PayPal facilities you can Email me to confirm your place and send a cheque. You can also Email me by clicking HERE

Locations- making your sketch come to life!

Locations II- Focusing on what makes your sketch interesting!

Faces- Meeting people that interest you on the street and sketching them right there and to make it work!

Faces II- Sketching on Public Transport - enjoying the wonderful people you meet from day to day, without fear or any inhibition.

Sketch Spread usage- Making the complicated less complicated!
Lets get ready to run with it! 

Painting from sketches will  be demonstrated at the workshop!
Please share, like and comment....Lets give this a go!!!!