Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sketches on the train in August XXIV

More sketches and more people!

I had some interesting observers today. After sketching one boys mum, he came over to have a look and said,"mama,come see, beautiful picture!".

Another girl found out I was sketching her and then she put up a smile that made it impossible to sketch and probably made me nervous too.

As I was sketching one guy in glasses, a little girl was asked by her mum to find out who I was sketching and she looked around and got it!

Some funny things happen while sketching and I have often got people who look at me with the most friendly smile ever.I wonder if they would have smiled to me that way without the sketching!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 Studies for larger paintings on London Bridge

It was bank holiday yesterday, not too many people around in the early mornings 8-11am, so I go to London Bridge to paint two studies on London Bridge. One faces Morgate, the other faces Tower Bridge.

I'm really gearing into the plein air stuff, this is my first in Central London, a bit daunting, especially when I put my hand into my pocket and my five pound note flew into the River Thames!

People crowd round ask so many questions, its fun!

You try to ignore then they say something funny and then they know you are not dumb!

Sketches on the train in August XXI

just one page.....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sketches on the train, tube and bus in August XX

I don't normally sketch standing on the bus,the woman in glasses and the sketch third from above were done on a 453 bus! I seized the opportunity!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sketches on the train/bus in August XIX

Only one page, but worth it!

As I was sketching the man on the left in the hat. The man in his 50's beside me in the train bumped in and said, "I wish I could do that..........and then he went on to tell me how much he wished his Art teachers taught him how to draw. He said they never bothered about the less talented ones and never showed them how to do anything. He said another thing that was missing then, was art appreciation. He said he had to teach himself how to appreciate art and visit galleries and museums. He went on to talk about the wealth of LONDON and how almost everything you need in Art, Music and Theatre is just available at our finger tips but moaned about the Londoners themselves never having time to visit these places but are happy to take visitors there.

We had some good discussions. Remember, he may have never said a word without the sketching connecting us.

I really thank God I had good art teachers

Mrs Gibson in Tyseen Junior School , Hackney.1979-80

Mr Idika Kalu at Federal Government College Enugu 1983-89. There was another Art teacher there, can't remember his name, he was amazing too.

All you good teachers out there, keep making an impact-you are changing lives!


Memories are made of this! I was looking through my portfolio today and I stumbled upon these 3 sketches I did of three Italian friends.

Now, they saw me sketching on the tube and they loved it! I asked them if they would like to model for me and they agreed. Not always the case but these three accepted, bravo!

We booked a date and they came to my studio and I sketched 3 of them for an hour each!

They were pleased and got paid. Also they got copies of the pieces.

Sometimes I look at myself and wonder what I would have been if I didn't sketch.............I really thank God for the talent and health He gives us to work at it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Studio Space- This time a shot of me on the Southesatern trains

This is my studio space too. This is where I quench my thirst for the human face.

I think it was George Passantino that said, "Never miss the opportunity to sketch the human face/ or figure.." It was from his books I first found a love for figures in the library at Yaba College of Technology in Nigeria.

I can almost remember pouncing on this book almost everyday because it was in the reference section, it couldn't be borrowed, so I read it like I have never read any other book. I did the same to John Carlson's landscape Book I wish to get a copy again someday and I wish I could read like that again, nowadays I only do snap shot reading and its because of the over-availability of books at my disposal.

I hope to bring back the good old days of reading my art books with such hunger and desire to learn, as we would always remain students forever!

Sketches on the train /tube in August XVIII

I've started using the clutch pencil again after a very long break and I'm loving it. I think after a while of working in ink, when you switch to pencil, you just get to a stage where you believe the pencil can do anything! That's why it remains my greatest and best medium!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sketches on the train/tube in August XVII

more people.........

Sepia/sanguine dust and coloured pencil sketch of Chris

This guy is my great brother and friend, we was my roommate for 4 years and he was my best man when I got married in 2004.

Nuff said!

Painting of Dory (stage 2)

Dory was able to do 120 mins today and I was able to make the most of the time by getting the main parts on the canvas.

We enjoyed a lot of discussions on domestics, food and relaxation.

Hope to continue next week.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Charcoal drawing of Tee Squared

Cool, calm and collected, the only way I can explain Tee squared!

2 studies of the horse fields around Belvedere, oil on canvas board, 12" x 12"

I marched out of the house this morning to get some plein air studies done of the horsefields around Belvedere. I even moet the owner of the the land and horses, he said his father owned the land sibnce the 50's, what a heritage to retain!!

Both lasted a hour each. it was a nice experience and I'll love to keep this going.

Sketches on the tube and train in August XVI

Back on track with people!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sketches of horses arond Belvedere Horsefields. in August XV

These creatures are the sketchers nightmare. they keep moving! I think I was tired and out of patience here. I should have given up before plunging into this.....

Landscape Sketches around Belvedere Horsefields in August XIV

The sun is high in the sky and there's this lovely foliage and land, its green and bright but I only have pencils. I record it as I love it in my A3 Sketch pad!

One part is the sketch itself and the other is the close-up.

Sketches of foliage and scapes around Abbey Wood area in August XIII

I went pass some interesting foliage yesterday, it looked briliant! The leaves/branches of the tree sprouted in different directions. I instantly fell in love with it and I have decided to make a record of it. My only tools were putty rubber, a chunky 2B graphite stick and my A3 sketch pad.

Sketches on the bus in August XII

I only managed to get one page in the bus yesterday. But one page is better thsn none.