Monday, July 30, 2007

Portrait of little boy

I have a got a friend(Chrissey) at work, she always loves my pictures, she brought up this picture of a little boy she said was her grandson.

I loved the play opf light on his features and I made a 2 hour sketch of the picture she provided.

This seemed to be one the first times that I didn't need to scale the picture but I just went direct with intuitive measurements and it came out quite ok.

Chrissey loved it


I got into painting a summer scene of Tottenham Court Road area this month, it seemed to be one of my first watercolours this year and I really enjoyed the outcome.

I love figures in the street, clusters of people although this one wasn't that crowded it still gave me that thrill to experiment with.

I took pictures. loads of pictures and I had a hard time looking through to find which one really fit the kind of summmer scene I wanted to portray.

The Watercolour paper was provided by the Artsit's magazine for a competition.

Hope I get some thing out of it!

I couldn't just stick to the watercolour, I ended up adding acrylic, coloured pencil and ink so the resultant effect was in mixed media, the size A4.

Recent self portrait- My struggles

I have always struggled with self- portraits and this one was no exception - I often always get the top of my head wrong or some line or the other.

This time I had it in mind to do three heads in one piece. I have been inspired by Robert Liberace and and Alex Powers, when it came to taking this work on. I kept on loooking for the right technique or composition plan to tie the three heads toghether but it kept on looking wrong. Then I finally came up with the kind of "tie" that shows the colours that I love and the kind of freedom that I love to express myself with. Sometimes you can only take such liberties with your self. I have titled it BLAZE AND SHADE ! Which is what I felt it looked like when I finished.

This work is in oil and on a 24" by 30" canvas.
It was purely experimental., after two weeks of trial and error.