Friday, January 18, 2008

DESIRE II- AFRICAN GIRL, mixed media, 9" x 11"

There is always hope, the colour depicts hope it is never grey in AFRICA!!!!!!!!

DESIRE, graphite, 9" x 11"

It is all in the eyes, I have created this drawing and dedicated it to the AFRICAN CHILD! I am one and there is so much in our eyes "ALUTA CONTINUA" -The struggle Continues.........................Its that twinkle the sign of struggle.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sketches on the train/ tube in January IV

oh no not more sketches!!!!!!!!!

Sketches of people on the train tube in January III

and even more people!!!!!!

Sketches of people on the train tube in January II

More people on the tube!

Sketches on the train/tube January I

I have started off this year on a good note, getting some sketches down of people again, don't be bored this is just an addiction , hopefully I'll take it further!!!!!!


I visited the Wallace Collection last Friday with Capital A, a charity that organises art workshops and I was opportuned to get into the large galleries at the Wallace collection. I sketched this detail face of Jesus from a larger master painting, I just can't remember the painting or the artist now. Anyway this is it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I often go to Rileys with my guys at work to play pool and there is this attendant that is a Jewish girl. She has some sort of captivcating eyes and a deep sense of something I could only figure out by trying to sketch her. She agreed for me to take some shots and I tried the forst in charcoal on pastel board. I showed it to her recently and she loved it. This is the result in stages.

COMMUTERS II, 19" x 16", mixed media

I took a picture early in the morning at Waterloo station last year and decided to make a drawing out of it. This one was done in coloured pencil with some sanguine dust and the help of puuty rubber for special effects and highlights. I wanted to create that morning feel on platform 4 at waterloo station in the morning. It was a bit misty too so I really worked into this one loosing as much detail as possible, this was the result.

COMMUTERS I, 32" x 19", mixed media

I have been sketching people on the tube so I decide to take the sketches a bit further by making a kind of composition of heads. I got some of my best sketches, 10 in number and then I photocopied them (x2) and composed the copies together and then used coloured pencil and pastel to add colour to the sketches. I really tried my best to be free and just put all my feelings into the work, even writinfg buzz words associated with tube and train commuting. this was the result.