Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to the farms where it all began!

On Tuesday I had an interesting trip to Lea Valley farms in search of my beloved cows. It turned out to be the pigs that stole my attention. I took loads of photos for future paintings, these are just some sketches I managed to make in between.

Still need to visit two farms for future life paintings when they are allowed on the field.

You might be wondering why I have the title as back to where it all began. Well, that's because while at Yaba College of Technology studying art it was The Rectors' cows that stole my heart away, I used to sketch them for hours, chasing them where ever they'll settle down with less movement. This act basically got me hooked on sketching!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Self Portrait at Lots Road Studio, Graphite, 2007-2010

I have been working on this piece for too long I think, and being a self portrait I got to a stage I wasn't seeing myself again but someone else. I think this is one of the dangers of overworking a piece. Nevertheless, I'll start another one but learn from this experience.

But please those of you out there who know me very well, I need your feedback, what do you think went wrong. Already, I have noted the right side of my cheek seems to be swollen.....There may be other things please I need to get over this self portrait hoodoo, so be as cruel as possible, I need to learn.

For the whole of this piece I have used only graphite on a very stubborn paper, that I might not use again.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Peter and Paul"-The Flying Moleskins 12" x 9", mixed media on paper

This is my entry into James Parker's world of Wildlife. It's part of the Flying Moleskins exchange between 13 artists

I know James is sooo funny, so I decided to sketch these funny looking animals from the London Zoo. I forgot to take note of what actually they are called, so, can someone help me out?

I have called them Peter and Paul!

For this piece I have used graphite, ink, tom bow wash pens, ball point pens, coloured pencils, wax crayons, acrylic and my beloved oil base pencil on an off white cardboard sheet.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sketches on the bus and train in March IV

More people on public transport and self portait in one of them(above-right). In another of the sketches I caught the same man in two positions and I managed to get almost 8 heads in one page in the last sketch!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

FLAMENCO SERIES I, Oil on Canvas Board, 8" x 8", 2010

This is a new series I'll be embarking on. My goal is to experiment with movement, texture, mood, energy, vitality and emotion-all of which would be the highlights in this series of drawings and paintings.

The inspiration for this series has come from Brian's St Louis Drawing Blog. He had an interesting post on a Flamenco dancer, Beth Steinbrenner to not only model for them but also dance while modelling. Now that's a great opportunity! I asked Brian if I could produce a series of drawings and paintings from this video clip and he agreed.

Detail of FLAMENCO I

This is the first of the series and I did this in oil with an impasto-flick technique. I tried to keep it all a bit abstract because that's the feel a dancer would have before one's eyes in motion, nothing is really clear. But I hope to add more variety of pose and media in the upcoming ones.

Hope to keep this series going and also another one on ballet dancers soon. I'll keep you updated.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sketches on the train and platform in March III

More people from public transport. In one of these sketches I had to have my sketchbook wide open so everyone around could see what was going on. This ia a great technique that helps everyone around to have a look and see there's nothing strange happening on your pagespread.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

AFRO XXIX, 9" x 11", Pastel, 2010

This is number 29 of my current Afro Series. The model here is my 9 month old daughter Kezia.

This series focuses on the variety and beauty of natural black Afro hair.

I have gone a bit wild with my colours here, and that's one of the advantages of pastel. You don't need to mix, it's just pick, paste and go! For this I used the 72 Soft Pastel set by Winsor & Newton on a thick watercolour paper prepared with a light yellow orche wash.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sketches on the bus and train in March II

Just one page spread of sketches of more people on public transport.

POETRY and PAINT(Bath Experience)

While painting at Bath last year, some students took a picture of me painting. They had a project they were working on at Uni and it had to do with Bath's Life In Photos, Poetry and Prose. Click here for the link.

It is a beautiful creative project and you can see all the pictures and poetry on their facebook group site. They plan to print loads of them out. I think they should have printed a book with these they are great!

The ones they had of me are HERE and HERE

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sketches on the bus, train and outside the station in March I

More sketches. I was waiting for a client on Saturday morning at London Bridge and I saw this homeless guy sitting on a soaked damp pavement outside Borough market. I managed to sketch him for a while after giving some alms, but what touched me most was the weather in which this guy was able to sit outside. I did the sketch and was almost frozen to death. I wonder how these guys adapt. Hmmmmmm just freaks me out, I think just I'll just stop complaining about anything.

The other sketch beside the homeless guy is me, I was feeling real sick in the morning on the bus but I couldn't resist sketching myself in the window,as there were no models. I think that shows a lot on my face. The worst place to feel sick is on the bus.

Kezia in Active Mode, Graphite in sketchbook, 2010

What an opportunity opened this morning, Kezia decided to pose for a while in active mode not sleep mode. Anxious to get it quickly before she moved resulted in some features misplaced but I'm still loving and enjoying the moment!